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Episode Recap: Table For Fae


Kenzi's back from tour with Nate, and Bo wastes no time making a lunch date with them and her new boy toy, Ryan, so everybody can get to know each other. But first, Bo and Kenzi have to look into the strange case of a twenty-something backpacker named Cole who died of old age. Trick tells them that the wounds on his neck are indicative of a serket, though destructive behavior is not their normal mode. Cole's friend at a hostel tells them of the young woman Cole met just before his transformation, and they promise to get to the bottom of the case.

But first, lunch, where after a bumpy start, Ryan offers to set Nate up with an agent friend of his. Bo gets called away with a lead on the case and Ryan follows her to the hostel where they find the aforementioned suspect young woman. She tells them that she and Cole volunteered for medical testing to raise travel money, so Bo and Ryan make that clinic their next stop.

The receptionist, though initially friendly, is actually Dark Fae and sends them packing, but Bo sneaks in through the back door to see a lithe young woman tending the neck wounds of an elderly patient. Bo demands information, but the receptionist drops Bo with a surprise attack, and she awakes strapped into an examination chair. They drain her life from her just as they have the others, but Ryan arrives and points a weapon of his own invention at one of the draining sisters, saving Bo.

Bo demands that they return the life to their human victims, but the older sister, Hesa, refuses. She and her sister are Dark Fae, like Ryan, and clan loyalty sways Bo's boyfriend to drop the gun. Hesa orders her sister, Lana, to kill the humans, and Bo sees Lana's oppression and uses it to get her to rebel. She kills her older sister, then returns years to the victims, including Bo.

This whole time, Kenzi and Nate have been dining with The Morrigan – Ryan's agent friend. Kenzi manages to get a private moment with the Dark Fae leader and begs for Ryan's life, but The Morrigan is no easy bargainer. She demands one favor, to be named at a future date, no questions asked, and Kenzi has no choice but to yield. Nate is crushed that his chance at stardom melted, and Kenzi struggles to ease the pain without revealing the dark world that created it.

When Bo arrives home, Kenzi tells her about Ryan and The Morrigan, and Bo sees how different she and Ryan are. She goes to his lab to break up with him, but he argues the joy of being famous for months rather than obscure for life, as well as the merits of clan loyalty, a concept which she can't be expected to understand. He persuades her that not all Dark Fae are wicked, nor Light Fae benevolent, as with The Ash and his imprisonment of Lauren. He concludes by introducing Bo to a lovely young woman who's been dying to get some intimate time with Bo, and when their romantic interlude becomes a trio, Bo sees that she's going to have to struggle to get free of Ryan's romantic hooks.