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Episode Recap: The Girl Who Fae'd With Fire


An under Fae called a cherufe killed the heads of two of the Fae noble families and, certain that the cherufe will go after the third and final head - who also happens to be Hale's father, Sturgess - The Ash asks Bo to issue a warning and use the development as currency to align the noble families in the upcoming war against the garuda.

Saving his family isn't the only help Hale needs: he asks Kenzi to pose as his girlfriend for a family event. Though she hates to deceive Nate, Hale is her bro, and he needs her. What she didn't count on was the full-bore hatred for humans Hale's family displays at their initial meeting, or Nate's discovery of her clandestine "date". To appease him, she spills all the secrets about her and Bo...except they're not the truth. Hale, meanwhile, apologizes for his family and says that he asked her, a human, for the favor in order to drag Fae views on interracial relationships into the present. It's an argument she can't contradict, and she shows up to the big 'do in a dress that makes Hale question why they're only friends.

Bo and Dyson also show up in an effort to convince Sturgess to join the cause, but while Bo holds private audience with him, he reveals that he and the heads of the other noble families made a deal with the cherufe to destroy the fourth noble family. In return, they'd offer up a daughter every hundred years. They reneged, and the charufe chose the moment before the garuda attack to revenge itself. Sturgess then shoves Bo into a secret chamber and locks it, and when she escapes, who should she find but Nate, looking for his moment to make a grand display and get Kenzi back.

Bo finds Kenzi, who explains the situation as best she can, and tells Nate she loves him, which assuages his fears. He pulls her into a kiss, but Hale's sister, sees them. She steals Kenzi's voice before she moves to her real goal: A quick and dirty moment with Dyson in the wine cellar. Hale discovers them and is horrified, and locks Dyson out of his heart.

But the real trouble is that the cherufe has trapped Kenzi in the kitchen, and with no voice, she can't scream for help. Bo finds her and the two team up to pour liquid nitrogen on the beast, freezing him to death.

Bo strides into the ballroom with the creature's petrified head aloft and demands everyone's fealty in the upcoming fight against the garuda, but instead of raising a rallying, uniting war cry, the crowd devolves into petty insults and blame of any family not their own. Hale demands that they heed Bo, but the infighting worsens. Bo tries to pull Hale away, but he has one more thing to do - he walks up to Dyson and clocks him squarely in the jaw. Later, Hale tells Bo and Kenzi that Dyson has betrayed him too many times. He bids a reluctant goodnight to Kenzi before reminding Nate what a lucky man he is.

Something seems to be amiss with Nadia: She slices her palm, and when Lauren discovers her with a vacant look in her eyes, she doesn't know what happened, but a wicked gleam reveals itself in Nadia's private thoughts.