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Episode Recap: Truth and Consequences


Lachlyn enlists Bo's help eliminating The Glave, a high-ranking Light Fae official. Though she refuses to be an executioner, she and Kenzi agree to go to an event hosted by her in order to form their own opinion. Bo is impressed by the woman, but Kenzi - partly because she's stressed about Nate's need to take their relationship to the next level - thinks The Glave is ho-hum.

Kenzi goes to Trick for advice on how to handle her affairs of the heart, and he tells her that with the Garuda approaching, the best thing she can do is stay out of Bo's fighting way. She loves Nate and she loves Bo, and doesn't know what to do. Bo, meanwhile, has been trapped in a private meeting with The Glave, who sees through her ruse of "let's get to know each other." 

But Bo sees through The Glave, and, after she knocks out the bodyguards, takes out the boss - she realizes that Trick and The Ash were right: The Glave tried to strike a deal with the Garuda ensuring the supremacy of the Light Fae. As Bo well knows, the Garuda won't honor this pact, but merely feed off the fight between the Light and the Dark. Bo throws a knife into The Glave's heart, then drags her to The Ash, where she revives the woman by pounding on her second heart.

Next on Bo's list is to deal with Nadia, who has been terrorizing both Lauren and Kenzi. She arrives at Lauren's apartment in the middle of a tense talk between the lovers and begins to kick ass, but Lauren pleads that Bo not hurt her girlfriend, who she insists is fighting a sickness. Bo relents, only to have Nadia attack and then grab hold of herself at Lauren's pleading. Nadia begs Bo to end her life - something dark is controlling her, making her do horrible things to those she loves, and she can't fight it. Bo doesn't want to, but realizes that Nadia is in the thrall of the Garuda, and in ultimate kindness, ends Nadia's life.

She returns home to Kenzi, who is broken after dumping Nate - since she couldn't tell her love the truth, she told him she didn't love him. It hurts like nothing else, but Kenzi knows that her place is by Bo, and the best friends comfort each other through their grief.

Trick asks Hale to spy on The Ash, and The Ash enquires about Trick, prompting Hale to call a meeting between the two, and outing Trick as the Blood King. The Ash proclaims fealty to Trick and the two decide to work together, meaning their side might actually stand a chance against the Garuda.