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Episode Recap: Caged Fae


Bo came back from the dead with a bad attitude, and is breaking every law she can get her hands on. She runs into the Dal after her latest spree, with Dyson in hot pursuit, but Trick won’t grant his granddaughter sanctuary. Even Kenzi is flummoxed by Bo’s behavior as she gets dragged to Hecuba Prison, a lockdown that is infamous for its cruelty.

But once inside prison walls, Bo gets transferred to the supervision of the ward doctor: Lauren. She and Bo are investigating the disappearance of Dr. Everett, Hecuba’s previous doctor and Lauren’s former mentor. Bo got herself committed in order to build a good cover. Soon the warden, who is the leader of the tribe of Amazons that run the prison, takes a shine to Bo and orders her to be her personal maid. Bo learns of the warden’s secret chamber, and gets word to her friends on the outside, one of whom – Hale – happens to be the acting Ash following Lachlan’s death.

Kenzi disguises herself as Bo’s lover, and in a faux-steamy kiss, slips Bo a contact lens that will allow her to bypass the security to the warden’s secret chamber. Once inside, Bo discovers her former cellmate, Sylvie, whom Bo thought had been released, but is actually pregnant, and brainwashed into thinking she’s home with her own family. Bo realizes this has something to do with the secret file Lauren found in Dr. Everett’s desk about certain patients being injected with a powerful vitamin cocktail, then disappearing or being recommitted. She gets Sylvie, whose pregnancy has magically advanced to term in a matter of hours, to Lauren just as the labor pains begin.

The baby is safely delivered just as the warden walks in to claim it. In that moment, Lauren understands that the Amazons have somehow used a liderc, a shape-shifting trickster Fae, to impregnate various inmates. The warden confirms, and says she killed Dr. Everett when she threatened to go to The Ash regarding the selling of rare Fae infants on the black market. Since Lauren is human and Bo is unaligned, the warden throws the two to her guards to tear apart, just as they did with Dr. Everett. But in the last moment, Bo lunges in for a kiss, and reveals the warden as a man. He is the liderc, the one who has been impregnating prisoners, and the guards who followed him so faithfully turn their rage on him, leaving Bo and Lauren to themselves.

Dyson, who has been tipped off by the unlikely source of Vex to the high disappearance rate at Hecuba, rushes to the prison to save Bo, but just as he arrives with Kenzi, Bo sweeps Lauren up in a passionate kiss. Dyson’s newly returned love for Bo has an uneasy seat in his heart.

Hale, as acting Ash, pardons most of Hecuba’s inmates and shuts the prison down. Bo has a heart-to-heart with Trick about her parentage – her time behind bars made her sympathize even more with her mother. Trick assures her that no matter who her father was, she, herself, is not a monster – an idea Bo puts the lie to when she leaves the Dal, sees a random man on the street, and wordlessly sucks his chi and leaves him for dead.