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Episode Recap: Those Who Wander


Bo wants to save Dyson, but she has to heal Tamsin first. The Valkyrie tells her that Massimo the Druid - yep, the same druid that stole the kiss from Kenzi and gave Tamsin the bottle that would enslave Bo - has some juice that will help her overcome her lack of strength due to the simple fact that she's at the end of her life span. They get the drugs and head to the lab, their only plan being to get caught by the guards and taken to the heart of the operation.

By the time Bo and Tamsin are shoved into the holding cells, Dyson and Lauren are in the middle of an operation - Isaac wants to be injected with fae bone marrow and become fae, himself. As Aife madly told them, Isaac was bent on finding the strongest fae, and to save Bo from the madman, Aife told him it was Dyson - the one who would've given his wolf to save Bo. Bo, incognito, stages a fight with the juiced Tamsin, and when the guards try to break it up, Tamsin lays them all low with one look.

Bo frees all the prisoners and takes her mom with her to go face Isaac. The scientist rushes at Bo with a knife, but Ifa dives in its path. As the genetically modified Isaac races away, Dyson - fresh out of surgery - follows. Though the freak is fast, he's not as fast or strong as Dyson - Lauren played a very convincing lackey, but all the while she was plotting to use a weaker fae's bone marrow to give Isaac, and now he's ripped apart by the wolf man.

Bo doesn't want to leave her dying mother's side, but one of the imprisoned promises to stay to the end, urgin Bo to finish the job completely. Aife seems ready to expire, but with her last shred of strength, she sucks the chi out of this volunteer. Trick has a similar turnaround when Hale rescues him out of the car trunk he was lost in - an elaborate ruse to get the Blood King out of harm's way. Stella arrives and takes him with her to Scotland until the big trouble blows over. Hale also has big plans for the Morrigan - Vex is back in town with all his powers back, and he has a good time subduing his old mistress.

Kenzi is also faring well - the charm that Hale slipped in her pocket has kept her safe from the Morrigan's torture, but she did let slip that Bo can feed off of multiple chis at once. The Morrigan's henchman, Bruce, fell prey to Kenzi's charms and is now talking her out of letting Massimo turn her fae and instead handing her the keys to a shiny sports car to go rescue her friends.

But a ride is not what Tamsin and Dyson need. Tamsin, who was meant to deliver Bo to The Wanderer, got her ass handed to her by the young succubus in an epic fight. Tamsin finally surrendered to her heart's desire - to let Bo go and join her side of the fight. Now, driving Dyson home, Tamsin sees an image of The Wanderer in the road and guns it, but even his apparition is too powerful for her, and her truck goes sailing off the edge of a cliff.

Bo returns to the Dal to find it completely abandoned - all of her crew is either lost, injured, or on the lam - but The Wanderer has left his calling card. The invisible man starts smashing glass and locking doors, and when Bo challenges him to come forward and fight, he sucks her out of this world and into another, and her image appears beside his in his tarot card.