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Episode Recap: Destiny's Child


When last we left Bo she had just received a special delivery from the void in her memory in the form of a pinterest-worthy mason jar filled with the very same black smoke that spirited her away nearly a season ago. Now, the whole gang is assembled and arguing over whether to keep it sealed and forget about it or to bust this can of worms wide open. We’ve got an hour of television to fill, so which option do you think they went with?

Once released, the smoke solidifies into a sexy Crow Fae complete with the requisite guy-liner. Kenzi would be content to keep him as a pet, but a headstrong Bo insists on aiding the Hugin, the crow, with his marital troubles in return for him offering him passage onto his master’s cosmic train. The catch being that if Bo wishes to confront he who wanders, she’s going to have to go it alone.                

After she disappears in a puff of inky black, Dyson and Lauren part ways, suit up, and then “coincidentally” bump into each other, armed and ready to save their damsel if she falls into distress. Lauren slips various vials and syringes into her lab coat, and Dyson, after taking note of her “science stuff” presses a dagger into her hand. He’d feel more comfortable if she were armed a bit more conventionally and these two corners of the Lost Girl love triangle find common ground over its isosceles nature.      

Bo lands in a Fae graveyard with her guide and is warned not to step on the graves of the Fae lest she slip into the Fae netherworld of Ircala and face the Leviathan (hint: this is foreshadowing.) But before she can say “succubus” the crows have turned on her so she crosses her arms, says a parting quip, and plummets into the abyss.

Back above, Trick visits a Luduan, a truth-seeking Fae, in order to tease out memories of the wanderer that he had long repressed.  And though the process is painful, Ming (fans will remember her sister Wai from previous seasons) is able to coerce Trick into revealing that he used the power of his blood to erase a certain Fae from history – a fae named Reiner. And yes, Reiner is the name of the Fae that cosigned Bo’s admission to the Dark side.

Bo, meanwhile, comes face-to-face with an old crone who calls herself Leviathan and challenges Bo to a game of riddles lest she be trapped in Ircala for eternity. Bo bests her by asking Leviathan to choose whether she should choose Dyson or Lauren (it’s a trick question!) and is sent back to the surface, but not before being taunted that someone she loves will be dead very soon.

Sensing that Trick had been dodging this season’s most pressing questions, the mischievous duo of Kenzi and Tamsin decide to do their own snooping at the Dal in search of what he knows and hasn’t been sharing. They come across the blank book that he used to write laws in as the blood king and surmise that he must keep an emergency source of blood handy, in case he needed to irrevocably alter the fabric of the universe on the fly. They find the blood they’re looking for in a magical Japanese puzzle box that is boobie trapped lest it is opened following a specific method of unfolding. The girls take a deep breath and get to work unleashing traps that range from teasing laughter to poisoned darts.

When Bo emerges from Ircala, she’s outnumbered by crows, but that doesn’t stop her from trying to kick ass and get revenge. Luckily for our heroin, she has some pretty spectacular backup. Dyson and Lauren arrive just in time to subdue the crows, but instead of thanking them and sauntering off into the sunset, Bo spares two groveling crows and agrees to let them go free in exchange for being returned to the train unstuck in time and space leaving both of her paramours in the dust.

Back at the Dal, Kenzi and Tamsin have retrieved a vial of Trick’s blood and proceed to write “Bo” in the book. Tamsin is instantly glued to its pages and flashes back to a past life when trick would not allow her to bring Reiner’s (there’s that name again!) soul to Valhalla.

Before that vignette can be fully explored, Bo lands back on the train where she confronts a masked man. He reveals his shockingly handsome face and proceeds to force Bo into a chokehold that melts from aggressive into…something else faster than you can say “The Wanderer”.

Cut to the gang worrying over Bo’s whereabouts at the Dal and Bo walks calmly into frame to introduce the man from the train. His name is Reiner, and he is her destiny.