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Episode Recap: End of a Line


When the episode opens with Kenzi prepping for a Zombie movie marathon with Tamsin, then you know that some real life undead are just around the corner! Cue Bo innocently rummaging through the fridge only to be attacked by a shambling, drooling creature called a Revenant. Revenants are basically your run of the mill reanimated corpses except for one key detail, they're super powerful because they are made from the bodies of fallen Fae.

After a quick stab to the stomach does nothing to slow the creature down, and it's decaying maw is about to make a snack of our succubus, a blade shoots out from off screen enacting a swift decapitation. And the wielder of said blade is none other than Tamsin's old friend and mentor, Acacia. It seems that Acacia has taken up arms as a Revenant hunter, but that doesn't explain how she regrew her missing hand or escaped the clutches of the wanderer.

The girls chat about who could have sent the Revenants after Bo, but can't seem to agree on a culprit. Acacia is quick to place the blame on Reiner, which Bo staunchly refuses to believe. So, with her Valkyries in tow, Bo heads off to show whoever is targeting her and her friends what a grave mistake they have made.

Meanwhile at the Dal, Trick regales Vex with tales of his father's exploits as one of Trick's favored generals during his reign as the Blood King. Just as Vex starts softening up, Trick grills him as to the location of the origin seed, which, as you may remember, has taken on the power of the recently slain Una Mens making it a very valuable token indeed! Vex doesn't take too kindly to this shift in the conversation, and the former Blood King wrings his hands over his tactical error.

Speaking of family drama, while her buds are off fighting hordes of the undead, Kenzi gets a surprise visit for something even more skin crawling – her mother. The brash Russian woman regales Kenzi with apologies and regrets, primarily concerning her emotionally abusive stepfather, and continues to be on her best behavior throughout dinner. Things are going so smoothly, in fact, that midway through the meal Hale takes a knee and before he can even begin to hope for a "Yes," the Kenzi clan ruins everything by revealing that Hale had paid them for their attendance and good behavior. This goes over about as well as you would expect, and Kenzi is predictably crushed.

Back in the A story, Acacia takes Bo to see a necromancer who delights in gargling zombie blood – a trick used to discover the individual who holds sway over the deceased, and shocking implicated Acacia as the leader of the horde. She and Bo scuffle before Tamsin and Dyson can break them up, and the gang agrees to pay a visit to a voodoo queen who may be able to shed more light on the situation.

Unfortunately, betrayal was in the cards for this episode of Lost Girl and it turns out that the Voodoo Queen is a Revenant herself who had teamed up with the necromancer in hopes of claiming the origin seed for themselves. But the jokes on them, because Bo neither has the seed nor a weak stomach and, with only the slightest hesitation, she slurps down some revenant blood and commands the entire undead army to rest in peace. Mission accomplished.

Back at Casa Kenzi, our favorite sidekick's anger is subsided and her excitement over her pending engagement begins to take center stage. After some much needed girl talk with Bo, she giddily bops around the kitchen to fix a late night snack so that she and Kale can keep her energy up. But just when you think you're going to be treated to a steamy siren sex scene, Massimo the druid shows up to spoil the fun. Yes, that Massimo, we also thought that he had met a molten death after kidnapping Tamsin, but as it turns out the miraculous little twig of
Zamora allowed him to revive unscathed, albeit in utter agony. Crazed and vengeful, Massimo quickly overpowers Kenzi and is about to stomp on her neck  - it's as gruesome and uncomfortable as it sounds – when Hale bursts onto the scene wearing only a form-hugging tank top and proceeds to beat the living sh*t out of Kenzi's assailant. It's ok, we were clapping too!

After going what can only be described as "super-siren" and blasting Massimo
with one final focused beam of sonar energy, Hale turns his attention towards his betrothed to check her condition, but he forgot the MacGuffin that keeps on giving – The Twig of Zamora. And just as all seemed right in at least someone's love life in the world of the Fae, Massimo mortally wounds Hale from behind, leaving Kenzi to collapse in weeping, wailing, shell-shocked heap on top of her man.

When Bo finally arrives on the scene, Kenzi begs her to use her own human chi to revive Hale, but the there are some things even an (sorta) unaligned succubus cannot do, and draining her best friend of her life force is one of them.