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Episode Recap: Groundhog Fae


If any Lost Girl fans were concerned that the succubus had lost her mojo, allow this episode to allay all concerns. This one has it all. Sexy car washes, implied threesomes, Kenzi's first time with a Fae and even a little Bo on Tamsin action! But let's not get ahead of ourselves.

The episode opens much like any other. Bo has been hunting down the remaining Hellshoe to no avail, and has stopped to wash the Under Fae guts from the grill of her car. Dyson and Lauren are enjoying the show, with the latter not bothering to stop soap from melting down her forearm, and the gang rides off to the tune of their own innuendo leaving a pair of glowering gas station attendants in their wake.

Next thing we know, Bo is waking up in the back seat of the car with the radio playing while a raucous party is raging in her house. None too thrilled that she wasn't roused for the festivities, Bo dusts herself off and heads inside to celebrate Yule, a Fae holiday not much unlike Christmas. The only difference is that their version of Santa, called Krampus, turns naughty children into candy – yum!

While the party continues at full tilt downstairs, Dyson, Lauren, and Vex puzzle over what to do with a mysterious package that came addressed to Bo. Her paramours advocate keeping the parcel a secret, and in this moment of agreement – the supercharged Fae cocktails aren't hurting – they come to a new common ground, groggily admitting that although they vie for the affections of the same woman, neither of them thinks the other is so bad. Besides, who can understand loving Bo better than Dyson and Lauren?

Across the hall, Hale is romancing Kenzi with the smoothest siren sweet-talking. She's definitely picking up what he's putting down, but Kenzi always plays safe and produces a "First time with a Fae" kit that Bo had prepared for her. It is complete with a roll of condoms fit for any Fae including those of the edible and fireproof varieties!

Back downstairs, Tamsin saunters right up to Bo and plants a big, wet kiss on her. We're not complaining, but it does come a bit from out of left field! Tamsin brushes off Bo's surprises, sighing, "You won't remember it anyway." And the next thing we know we've back tracked a few scenes and Bo is back to waking up in the back seat of her car. That's right ladies and gentlemen; it's a Groundhog Day episode! Let the shenanigans begin!

And that's exactly what Bo and Tamsin decide to do, treating us to an insane Yule-fueled party montage! After the umpteenth time reliving the night, Tamsin and Bo settle in for a heart-to-heart when they realize that party guests have been disappearing from the time loop – something is most definitely not kosher here!

In their search for the missing partygoers, Bo and Tamsin come upon Trick who crumples under Bo's accusations that he has been avoiding her and hasn't helped her track down the wanderer. He admits that he is terrified of the man who smoke-napped Bo at the end of last season and falls into a drunken stupor. In a similarly intoxicated vein, Lauren volunteers to perform drunken surgery to reattach Vex's severed hand, and Dyson agrees to play nurse. And Hale continues to lay it on thick with Kenzi.

Eventually, Bo and Tamsin realize that Hale is the only other person who knows that they are trapped in a time loop. He explains that it is a Yule tradition for a few people to be forced to relive the night until enough regret from their various kerfuffles accumulates to satiate Krampus' appetite. The disappearing act, however, is not par for the course.

Just as the three Fae trace their activities back to that self-same gas station that opened the episode, the short and surly attendant emerges from the wall, expresses his anger over the desecration of Yule, and vanishes with Tamsin in tow. And Bo is off to rescue Tamsin for the second time this season!

In Krampus' lair, Tamsin has been brainwashed and strapped to a conveyor belt along with Bruce (who has already broken his chains, and now must service the machinery as atonement). They both believe that they want to be turned into candy so that they may become sweet despite the sour actions of their past. Bo is able to bring Tamsin to her senses, but she is paralyzed by guilt over her darkest deed.

Way back in days of old a being so evil it made even a Valkyrie's blood run cold, approached Tamsin and begged her for the hand of a maiden with eyes both brown and blue, who is virtuous yet lustful all the same, and neither light nor dark but a bit of the two. Believing that such a woman was an impossibility, Tamsin took his gold and never gave this unholy bargain a second thought…until she met Bo.

Just as Bo forgives Tamsin for this mistake, the real Krampus, a bedraggled and rather horny looking old man, reveals himself sending away his squat minion and returning Tamsin and Bruce back to the party. Bo, however, he wishes to keep for himself as he believes that he can make a near-infinite supply of candy from her inner darkness. Bo struggles, but is only set free when she admits to own overwhelming trepidation over her connection to the dreaded wanderer.

Back above, Bo is unable to re-join the festivities, as Dark Fae are not permitted to celebrate Yule with the Light. Kenzi offers to keep her friend company, but Bo sends her back inside to be with Hale and everyone else. Before Kenzi goes she hands Bo a box that she found addressed to the succubus amidst the passed out bodies of Dyson Lauren and Vex. Bo peeks inside to see a single parcel – a jar filled with a swirling black smoke.