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Episode Recap: In Memoriam


In the opening moments of Season 4, Kenzi sneaks into a dark and eerie warehouse, is gagged and grabbed from behind by a fae lackey in a cheap suit, and starts kicking and screaming as she is dragged off to meet some big bad or other – this time called the Una Mens. But, despite appearances, it's not all business as usual in the world of the Fae. Instead of Bo coming to her rescue, Kenzi lashes out with some Fae powers of her own, which are enough to convince her assailants that she is not the plucky, rogue human that they've been pursuing after all.    

Next thing you know, Kenzi's back home rifling through her menagerie of leather, lace, and faux fur, when Dyson comes a-calling. They engage in the sort of banter that Lost Girl fans know and love with Kenzi replying to Dyson's bafflement over her thong collection flatly, "These are all business thongs." And then, next thing you know, Dyson and Kenzi are hardcore making out! Ever the gentleman, Dyson pulls away. "I was just thinking about Hale," he says. "That's very open-minded of you," Kenzi replies.

And just as you're starting to think that something is seriously wrong with the continuity this season, Aife, Bo's psychotic and often murderous biological mother, comes knocking with a polite request that Kenzi and Dyson track down her daughter – a certain succubus that no one can seem to remember. The gang pays a visit to the reliably knowledgeable yet cryptic Trick, and then they're off to see a Fae that specializes in erasing the memories of the wives of philandering husbands while moonlighting as an optometrist in the human world.  After admiring the handiwork of whoever was able to snip Bo out of existence so seamlessly, the unscrupulous eye doctor suggests that whatever spell has been cast may be broken by destroying an artifact in the possession of an enigmatic figure known only as The Collector.

As luck would have it, this eponymous collector is about to throw an annual party during which he instructs his cronies to invite the most enthralling guest to his back chambers so that he may offer her a token from his hoard. Sounds like the perfect opportunity for Kenzi to get all gussied up! Naturally, Vex, who has taken up the Morrigan's mantle as leader of the Dark Fae, is in possession of three invitations to the exclusive event, but, in his usual fashion, he's not feeling too cooperative. A few growls from Dyson settle the issue, and a plan is set in motion to retrieve a magical compass with the power to restore our heroes' foggy memories.
Since it had been a few minutes since someone was last assaulted, Kenzi finds herself face-to-face with a loaded crossbow while rummaging through her wig collection. But it turns out to only be Massimo the Druid – also known as the charming stranger that alluded to Kenzi's potential to transcend her limits as a human back in Season 3. Unfortunately for Kenzi, by this he meant that he'd be willing to sell her hits of temporary magic, and it seems like someone hasn't been paying her dealer on time. Massimo lets it slide, but it's clear that this relationship is a bit one-sided.
Armed with Fae power and dressed to perfection, Kenzi –a woman who has always known how to make an impression – drags Hale onto the dance floor in hopes of catching their host's eye. But this is still a memory-wiped world, and in this reality Kenzi and Dyson have some serious chemistry. The wolf cuts in and proves that it takes three to tango after all!
After a deliciously long and impressively choreographed dance sequence, Kenzi is ushered into the creepy warehouse from the top of the episode where she is greeted by none other than George Takei attached to the body of the serpent. This glorious guest star is the serpent that has everyone's stomach in knots and he has a taste for human blood and with a razor-sharp shade-spitting tongue. He spits a line about Kenzi maybe trying not to sleep in her makeup so often, and suddenly things aren't looking so good for a no-longer-juiced human girl in a wig.
Meanwhile, Vex crashes the party in search of one last night of madness and debauchery before the coming of a new power that has him scared enough to forsake his former allies and stall both Hale and Dyson from coming to Kenzi's aid. As it turns out, this is the episode where we learn that a Mesmer is no match for a Siren, and a snake's fangs can't hold muster against a wolf.
With two supernatural threats disposed of, and their memories restored Kenzi and Dyson run off into the night to save their succubus while the rest of our players jerk back to their normal selves – including a murderous Aife, a surprisingly low-key Lauren (as in, she seems to be a waitress with bad hair), and one final shot of Bo herself, eyes opening wide and suddenly alert.