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Episode Recap: La Fae Epoque


When last we left Bo and the gang, Dyson was being dragged off by the Una Mens for the so-wrong-it's-right crime of getting down and dirty with an irresistible succubus who just so happens to be aligned with the Dark. This week, we pick up with Hale interrogating a aurally sensitive monk who is forced to explain that the Una Mens were not so petty as to pry into Dyson's bedroom affairs, but rather were concerned with the murder spree that could have exposed the Fae underworld to humans over 100 years prior.

Pissed that the so-called impartial arbiters of justice are dredging up old dirt on her main squeeze, Bo enlists the help of an Oracle who can send Bo's consciousness into Dyson's memories. Augmented with some Dark-Fae tech courtesy of Lauren, and a Red String Of Fate to bind her to Dyson, Bo prepares to enter dreamland while the oracle let's a line slide about how dangerous this whole process is and that there was a time where she thought Bo might be "The One."

Meanwhile, Kenzi has infiltrated the lair of the Una Mens where she helps to anoint a naked and splayed Dyson. She scrubs him down and down and down until she's at ankle level, and attaches a Red String of Fate to his ankle to complete the loop.

We're warned that Bo's own consciousness will impose familiar faces and places onto everything that she sees through Dyson's eyes, and we're off for a wild romp into Dyson's past.

Dyson's memory picks up on a high note with Bo waking up next to two buxom, blond farmer's daughters, being chased by their angry patriarch, and rescued by a man with a staff that bears a striking resemblance to Trick. He informs Dyson that powerful magical artifacts believed to have been forged by "He Who Wanders" (sound familiar?) known as the Helskor has fallen into the hands of Prince Phillipe who is looking to sell them for a tidy profit.

Dyson encounters an angelic bar maid (it's really just an excuse to get Kenzi into a pair of wings), and French floral Fae singer who looks like Lauren channeling her best Poison Ivy. He takes the latter upstairs where it is revealed that they are romantically involved. Bo enjoys getting hot and heavy with this Lauren-look-alike until she peeks in the mirror, seeing herself as Dyson. Then she really likes what she sees and puts her mind to the task at hand with renewed vigor only to be interrupted by none other than Prince Phillipe, possessor of the Helskor.

Flora, Dyson's lover as portrayed by Lauren's visage in Bo's mind, attempts to seduce Phillipe and steal the Helksor so that Dyson might deliver the artifacts to Trick, but she fumbles, and Dyson is forced to knock him unconscious. When Phillipe's guards approach Dyson grabs the box containing the Helskor only to realize that they are, in fact, a pair of shoes! He slips them onto Flora's feet, thinking that no one would think to inspect her, and before they have a moments peace, the shoes reject Flora as their master, possessing her mind, and sending her through the streets on a killing spree with Dyson in hot pursuit.

Back in the present Day, Kenzi forgot to put her phone on vibrate, and her ring tone alerts the Una Mens to the human presence in their ranks. Now a prisoner along with Dyson, the two share a tender moment where he commends her ability as an infiltrator and promises to school her in the ways of a Shadow Thief – sounds fancy!

Bo continues to follow Flora's trail of carnage until finally coming to blows with her (well, Dyson's) erstwhile lover. A mortal wound brings Flora back to her senses, but she is immediately shot from behind by one of Prince Philippe's stoic body guards.

Consumed with rage and pain, Bo is unable to disassociate herself from Dyson's memories and ignores the Oracle's commands to untie her Red string of Fate and return to her own mind. The Oracle has no patience for Bo's stubbornness, and bails, leaving Lauren –a human ill-suited for such a mentally grueling task – to send herself to dream land with nothing to tie her to the mortal plane.

Lauren's lease and a subconscious signal from Dyson bring Bo to her senses and alert her to the modern day hiding place of one of the Helskor. Bo unties her string and wakes Lauren with a big, sloppy kiss before grabbing the magic shoe and bringing the fight directly to the Una Mens. She unmasks one of their henchman, revealing the same bodyguard that had shot Flora all those years ago and exposing the entire "trial" as an artifice concocted by the Una Mens so that they may control the power of the  Helskor.

With Dyson freed, the gang returns to the Dal, but not before stopping for burritos and Bo beams, "I think we're all connected by a Red String of Fate." This may be a non-traditional view, but the sentiment is appreciated.

Finally, we flash back and discover that Trick's face in Dyson's memories was not a superimposition from Bo's own mind. This was indeed the tale of how the wolf met the Blood King.