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Episode Recap: Lovers. Apart


Like clockwork, just as Dyson and the uber-powered elemental, Clio jump in front of the path of one train they land on another. They probably shouldn't be surprised by this sort of poetic symmetry given the nature of the laws of Fae magic and such, but they are surprised to find that the otherworldly locomotive that they have landed upon seems to react to Bo's very name.
Before they can dig too deeply into this mysterious ride, Dyson starts looking a little green – and it isn't motion sickness. Clio explains that non-elementals are prone to transcendental sickness when traveling between dimension, a bit of information that may have been worth sharing before hurtling themselves into oncoming traffic and dimensional rifts. But Clio patches Dyson up easily enough and the duo heads out in search of Bo.
Bo, having jumped ship last week, can now be found running through the forest in her nightie until she comes upon a seemingly disused cottage. Like every leading lady before her, Bo charges headlong into the eerie building where she comes face-to-face with a jumpy family who claim to be taking a rustic weekend in the woods. That is after their teenage daughter knocks Bo unconscious with a frying pan to the back of the head.
After recovering from her less-than-warm reception, and resisting a voice in her ear urging her to "kill them all", Bo decides to snoop around the property. This decision pays off when she comes upon a trio of cramped, dank cells in the basement, each with a series of locks and chains on their door that suggest that occupancy of these rooms is anything but voluntary.

Before she can rescue this family from their maniac father, Bo finds herself staring down the barrel of a shotgun wielded by dear old dad who explains that his family is haunted by a spirit, that they lock themselves up annually to avoid its wrath, and that Bo should really get out of there immediately if she knows what's good for her. But they don't know Bo.
Meanwhile, we witness a sexy silhouette of a woman melt a handyman into a shuddering pile of goo inside Lauren's old apartment. But we're not left guessing at her identity for long, because after committing the grisly deed, she turns around to reveal the face of the Morrigan sans an eyeball. Looking twice as badass with half of her vision, the Morrigan does not intend to bring the eye patch back anytime soon. Instead, she sends for an all-too-familiar Massimo the druid to do her a solid and conjure up a replacement for her vacant socket.
By now, Dyson and Clio have followed Bo into the forest, but the trail goes cold. In a deliciously Lost Girl style turn of events, Clio summons an earth spirit, manifested as a grubby man's face protruding up from amongst the dirt and moss. This cantankerous Fae will only give Bo's whereabouts if they indulge his kink – feet. Having been through this before, Clio offers one lick of her perfectly pedicured big toe, but the earth spirit is looking for a more developed flavor, so Dyson plays footsie for the team – unfortunately, it all plays out off-screen.
But Bo isn't staying still. This succubus ain't afraid of a puny ghost, and she's taking her latest spunky teenaged sidekick (what? She has a type!) with her. As they exit past the wards that her father placed around the house, Bo connects the superstitions not to a ghost, but to a Jumbee – a dangerous and malevolent Fae creature also known as a Body Jumper.

With the creature exposed the real fun begins! Cue a flurry of scenes in which the monster-of-the-week jumps between and attacks the various bodies of Bo and her forest family, until Dyson and Clio intervene. And if that wasn't thrilling enough, these tense moments are intercut with some pretty intense visions of Lauren answering the lingering "Will they? Or won't they?" questions regarding her buxom, blonde new friend.

This all culminates with Bo literally sucking the Jumbee and its chi into her own body all while suddenly succumbing to the transcendental sickness that was teased at the top of the episode. As Bo struggles against the Jumbee's will, she is thrown into a sepia-toned dreamscape where she witnesses the murder of the woman who became the Jumbee at the hands of the ancestors of the family that Bo has been struggling to protect. As it turns out, this woman had been an elemental, falsely accused of witchcraft and ripped apart from her human lover both in life and in death. And the only way to calm her fury is to reunite them. 
So, it's a typical day in the Lost Girl world as Dyson and Clio head out to rearrange some graves while Bo strains to suppress the murderous tempest within as she succumbs to transcendental sickness. Using two wedding bands found among the bones, Dyson "marries" the Jumbee to the spirit of her lost love and she departs in peace. Case closed.

But just as you think everything is all hunky-dory, Clio has to ruin everything by pulling a knife on Bo, having already sold her out to Vex. Unfortunately for Clio this comes as a surprise to no one, because the grateful Jumbee, being an elemental herself, healed Bo of her transcendental sickness and informed her of the treachery that she gleaned while inside of Clio's head during a previous bout of possession. Bo almost takes too much pleasure out of draining Clio's life, and she and Dyson ride in a blissful clam back towards their friends and their home. But there are just a few loose ends left dangling…
First, neither Bo nor Dyson can remember their cross-dimensional train ride. And second, Lauren has been betrayed by her paramour and kidnapped by a dark-suited man that has Fae written all over him.