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Episode Recap: Of All The Gin Joints


Just as everyone is getting settled in the Season 4 status quo, a runway ready, couture-clad opera singing Fae busts onto the scene frantic for a little help from a certain succubus. Her name is Ianca and her species is highly prized for their ability to transport you back into your own memories through the power of their voice.  Able to send humans and Fae alike into blissful trances, harrowing nightmares, or even into the waiting arms of death, Ianca’s kind have been kept as trophies by wealthy and powerful Fae dynasties for as long as anyone can remember. But now, Ianca wants out, and she believes Bo to be her ticket to freedom.

Bo has no memory of this unforgettable Fae, but a note in her own handwriting hidden within the hilt of her knife is enough to convince her that Ianca’s story is legit. Unable as ever to deny a Fae in need, and propelled by the frustrating itch to fill in the blanks in her memory, Bo agrees to make good on a promise she can’t recall giving…but not before fitting in some quality sexy time with Dyson in the Dal’s storage room.

It may seem par for the course, but Trick arrives in time to break things up. Now that Bo is aligned with the Dark, fraternizing with Dyson may attract the ire of the Una Mens. While Bo experiences Ianca’s gifts firsthand, Lauren is busy packing up her old apartment in preparation to move to new digs provided by her newest supernatural benefactors. Too humble to have asked any of her friends to assist with anything so mundane as packing boxes, Lauren is shocked when the Morrigan “Call Me Evony” herself swings by with beers and pizza to lend a hand.   

Back at the Dal, Kenzi is jealous to discover that Ianca and Hale have a past – they’re just friends, they swear! And Bo is horrified to learn that Ianca’s current master is starving her by only allowing her to sing for him in private and denying her the audience that her kind needs in order to feed. To make matters worse, Marcus, a Fae from a rivaling house of Fae nobility that draw prowess in battle from Ianca’s songs has kidnapped the crooning Fae and chained her into a collar of Atlantean Quartz – an explosive substance so powerful that if detonated it would take down the Dal and everyone in it!
This looks like a job for Super Kenz, who hustles over to Lauren’s place to pick her brain for a deactivation serum. When Kenzi arrives she’s predictably scandalized to see Lauren palling around with the Morrigan, but even more surprised to learn that the Atlantean Quartz’ clear color means that it had been deactivated long ago. Before Kenzi can deliver the news, Bo and Dyson cobble together a spying device and discover that Ianca and Marcus have been lovers all along, but that he intends to use her ability to sing a Death Note to eliminate all of his rivals.
Ianca, in her weakened, starving state is crushed to discover this betrayal and draws upon the last of her energy to unleash the Death Note upon Marcus. As she dies in Bo’s arms she expresses gratitude and relishes the fact that in her last moments she was free. Back at the worlds most unexpected pizza party/girls night in, Lauren warns Evony that she still doesn’t trust her, before hitting her with a big, sensuous kiss. The Morrigan, for once, is disarmed. She smiles, content in having won Lauren’s affections, likely for her own nefarious purposes. But Lauren’s a smart cookie, and she peels a plastic coating off of her lips, sealing the kiss in a petri dish.    

And then, after six long episodes of waiting, we finally get to the succubus on werewolf action that made us all Lost Girl fans in the first place. But just as we were really getting into it, Bo discovers a mysterious mark on her chest branding her as property of the wanderer and the Una Mens swoop in to punish Dyson for screwing around with the Dark. Woof!