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Episode Recap: Origin


Buckle your seatbelts and hold onto your Chi, because the penultimate episode of Lost Girl’s fourth season sure is a doozy! Hot off of the heels of Hale’s brutal and sudden murder, Kenzi’s hardly had a moment to mourn before a knight of the order of Reina kneels before Bo, pledging her allegiance to her queen. With the Una Mens dead, a great evil is now free to rise, and once again it seems that only a certain succubus has the wherewithal to put him down.

Kenzi, unable to conjure up the enthusiasm for this latest case, is only placated when Bo and Dyson agree to storm Massimo’s lair and make him answer for his crimes. Unfortunately, the druid need only whisper one phrase to Dyson, before it is decided that he must be brought to Trick alive. It turns out that in addition to the Una Mens’ power being concentrated within the Origin seed, Bo’s paramour Rainer will fall victim to a back-up curse unless it can be lifted within 7 days. Rainer can only be unbound by the very same blood that doomed him in the first place, but luckily Bo knows a loophole. As his granddaughter, Trick’s blood runs through Bo’s veins and she and her sworn knight, Rosette, set off with Rainer to be sure that this time his name will remain in the history books.

Meanwhile, Lauren is pouring over tome after tome in the archive of the Dark, only to find mention of Rainer as an evil entity, but more pressingly, she overhears the Morrigan talking to none other than Trick about how Bo must be eliminated.

Lauren bursts in on Bo and her new sidekicks puzzling over the symbols on a burning “Wanderer” tarot card. The doctor immediately recognized the numbers as cartography coordinates, and is quickly filled in on a prophecy that names Bo a chosen queen. When Lauren tries to explain to Bo that history remembers The Wanderer as a great evil, she is dismissed as paranoid, and told that Rainer could not possibly be the evil of which the prophesy speaks. Rebuffed, Lauren returns to the screen in a negligée holding two flutes of champagne – a surprise for the Morrigan when she returns home. It seems that Lauren may have found a home at last amongst the Dark.

Over at the Dal, Kenzi has taken matters into her own hands, enlisting Vex to assist her in murdering Massimo once and for all. Vex reluctantly agrees to be led to Massimo’s holding cell where he promptly betrays Kenzi and reveals himself to be the druid’s surrogate father. With Kenzi reeling from her latest betrayal, Bo seeks out a mysterious equine cult who warn her not to release the Perepice – the true great evil of prophecy and Bo’s father.

Back in bed, the Morrigan wipes her brow and licks her lips as she gives Lauren a heavy-lidded once over. “Salt!” she exclaims, and Lauren explains that what Evony is experiencing is the sensation of sweating – which is typically a sign of a job well done when humans play between the sheets. Of course, the Morrigan is no human…or at least, she wasn’t human and has no recollection of having ever perspired in the past. Evony begins to panic and attempts to melt Lauren on the spot, but it turns out that Lauren came prepared to her encounter with the Morrigan, and made sure that Evony would ingest a serum that she had dabbed wherever Evony’s lips might wander. Remember when Lauren peeled off a layer of plastic from her lips after her first kiss with the Morrigan? Well, she used her Fae DNA to concoct a targeted tincture that would render Evony completely human. How ever will she cope with that?!

Panicked and fuming in the wake of Lauren’s latest tactic, Evony turns to the only person she knows will not take advantage of her weakened state – her son. Massimo relishes this opportunity to enter Evony’s good graces and dutifully presents the Origin seed which she rejects, believing the druid to be as useless to her as ever. Massimo, wishing to prove his worth, takes Lauren hostage and consumes the seed in front of her, almost immediately collapsing to the ground in a seizing fit. This can’t end well.

Back at Succubus central, Tamsin unravels the prophecy, which mentions each and every one of Bo’s magical acquaintances, neglecting to mention the one person who she has always had by her side – Kenzi. Feeling unneeded, unmotivated, and entirely numb, quavering Kenzi demands that Bo unclaim her and surrender her to her misery. Bo  is predictably unwilling to go to such lengths, and before Kenzi can press the issue, Bo’s loyal knight, Rosette, reminds all in attendance that they are running out of time to free Rainer from his curse.

And so Bo sets out with her Beau in order to perform a binding ceremony, also known as a wedding, in the dead of night officiated by their faithful knight over a burning fire, consecrated by a braid of horse hair kept and protected by the maidens of the horse in order to prevent this very union. Knowing full well that this was the will of her potentially evil father, Bo blindly follows her heart as well as her curiosity and when the deed is done, Rosette’s face splits into a crazed grin as her manic laughter echoes in through the pitch. She had been an instrument of the Perepice, and this union had undone the final shackle holding him imprisoned. Rosette steps forth proudly, shouting to no one, eager to claim her reward when she is compelled by some unseen force to step into the fire and burn alive.

If that’s how he greets a loyal servant, we can’t wait to see how the Perepice handles take your daughter to work day!