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Episode Recap: Sleeping Beauty School


When we last left our heroes they had just been spurred into action by the overwhelming recovery of their memories of the unaligned succubus that has everybody talking – Bo. But even with their memories intact, Tamsin is still the last person to have seen Bo on this plane. Unfortunately, a severely weakened Tamsin was last seen madly racing off of a cliff side with Dyson in tow, and he only barely survived by the skin of his wolf pelt.

Dyson sets off to dig through the wreckage in search of clues and gets more than he ever bargained for. As it turns out, Valkyries are reborn when they die, undergoing a protracted maturation cycle. In other words, Tamsin is currently in the form of a 9-year-old with the temperament to match. And, as an added bonus, her memories are going to return to her nice and slowly with some of the most traumatic ones never returning at all. Trick says it's all par for the course, but it sure puts a damper on the search for Bo.
Speaking of Bo, she finally gets some screen time as she awakens with a jolt on a locomotive traveling through a void in space and time. An encounter with a quirky maid and some babble about a mysterious "him" raises more questions than they answer, but one thing's for sure: this time Bo may just be in over her head!
Back on Earth, we join Vex sprawled across a table and restrained in quite the contorted position, but despite appearances, this isn't just another Friday night for the mischievous Mesmer. Vex is being questioned by the Una Mens, a group of Fae dedicated to maintaining order and balance in the world at any cost and by any means. Androgynous, cold and uncompromising, the Una Mens have no trouble coercing Vex into offering up Bo's head on a silver platter.

The Gang gets together at casa Kenzi and the ever-well-versed Trick suggests enlisting the aid of Endymion, a legendary Fae tracker capable of crossing between dimensions. But before Kenzi can even decide which wig to wear on this latest escapade, Dyson puts her on babysitting duty with a pint-sized Tamsin. This arrangement is predictably adorable and culminates in a chuckle-worthy bathroom-gag in which Tamsin flushes Kenzi's magic Fae face cream down the toilet. This is bad news for a human in Fae's clothing, but Kenzi plays it off cool and manages to continue the tradition of Super-Kenz childcare aficionado.
Dyson and Hale's search for Endymion leads them to a day spa managed by the illustrious Selene. The alluring attendants are more than willing to dole out back rubs and coy glances, but they're tight lipped when it comes to any useful information. Luckily, Clio, the Nymph who conveniently bumped into Dyson at last week's ball has some advice for Hale, that leads these buddy cops to Astrid, a Fae that subsists on aromas alone – which is lucky for her considering she doesn't have a mouth!
Astrid bestows a blessing on Hale and offers Dyson a small vial that she dubs "a kiss in a bottle" before sending them back to Selene's spa for answers. Upon arrival the two studs are swarmed by a bevy of beauticians, but this time it doesn't look like they're going to be so gentle. That is until they get a whiff of Hale, who has been enchanted with a perfume that renders women defenseless against his carnal magnetism. And while Hale takes one for the team, Dyson rushes off in search of Endymion.

Meanwhile, out in the middle of nowhere, a guest in Lauren's diner begins to choke on his meal. Flying on instinct and muscle memory, Lauren performs a MacGyver'd tracheotomy only to discover row upon row of menacing teeth in her patient's throat. It looks like her association to the Fae may be catching up with her after all.
And to make matters a bit more interesting, when Tamsin curiously grabs The Wanderer tarot card it bursts into flames. Before Kenzi can interpret this omen, Hale busts into the house wielding a bouquet of sunflowers and, at Astrid's prompting, finally declares his feelings for Kenzi. The feelings are quite obviously mutual, but as Hale's super-stud cologne has not quite worn off yet, things quickly proceed from a romantic kiss to a counter-top romp that is only interrupted by a blood curdling scream from Bo's room. Tamsin, standing shocked in front of a mirror, has hit adolescence, and she has all of the trappings of a budding woman's body to prove it!
Back in the A story, Dyson and Selene are in a stand-off over Endymion's body. She is Endymion's spurned lover and has placed him in a cursed sleep with a kiss. Toying with Dyson, she offers to reverse the curse in exchange for just a peck on his muzzle, but he knows that would only make for the world dullest ménage a trois. Dyson growls for effect, but then something clicks and he spritz's Selene in the face with the contents of the vial he received from Astrid. Astrid had called the potion "a kiss" and as such the conditions of Selene's cooperation have been met. She awakens Endymion and Dyson finally has his tracker.
Equipped with The Wanderer card, the two pick their way around some railroad tracks where Endymion has senses a rift between dimensions. But unfortunately for Dyson, Endymion is a bit rusty after his centuries-long slumber and is a bit out of touch with the ways of the world. So much so that it takes another convenient appearance from Clio to establish that The Wanderer card is meant to be inserted into the card-shaped slot in the odd jukebox-shaped machine inscribed with Fae writing that's just sitting at the edge of the train tracks. Clio, you see, is a special sort of elemental Fae, one that wields control over all four of the elements. She, as it turns out, has taken up Endymion's mantle as master tracker and offers her services to Dyson who is eager to leave behind the bumbling Endymion for the buxom nymph.
Some dramatic irony is infused into the proceeding when the audience is privy to a private conversation in which Vex buys Clio's loyalty causing her to swear an oath to Dyson that she absolutely promises to find Bo without mentioning the fact that she intends to find her, nab her, and then drop her off with the acting Morrigan.

Once that's all sorted, Dyson and Clio jump into an oncoming train – as you do when traveling between dimensions, and Bo, in her otherworldly predicament decides to disembark into the nothingness. Geronimo!