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Episode Recap: Turn To Stone


In true Lost Girl fashion, the season's fourth episode opens on Bo and Dyson engaged in a seriously sweaty sparring session. They may not remember their inter-dimensional jaunt, but some things are just like riding a bike. Of course, as we're just about to get to the really good stuff, the screen goes black and we catch a glimpse of a gargoyle spying on these frisky Fae from the rafters.

After she's had her fill of Dyson's wolf chi, Bo meets Kenzi for some drinks at the Dal, but the vibe is way off. What's the point of a consecrated neutral space/dive bar if the light and dark Fae can't get rowdy with one another? Kenzi explains that ever since the arrival of the Una Mens (the androgynous, monotone creeps that tortured Vex into giving up Bo) came to town the Fae community has been on its best - read: boring -  behavior. Fortunately for this crowd, Bo has just the right kind of juice to liven up the party…and we'll leave you to imagine how a succubus starts a party.

Back at home, a teen-aged Tamsin is holding down the fort when two masked men ambush her. Unfortunately for them, they didn't realize that this house had a watch-Valkyrie. We're not sure what condition she left them in, but the outburst of energy causes Tamsin to mature into her adult body.

Elsewhere, Lauren and her two-faced waitress paramour, Crystal, are chained up in a basement. Lauren reveals her past as Karen, a terrorist reformed and driven into hiding by the death of her brother, and is instructed by her captor to diagnose a blood sample of an ailing elder fae. Believing herself to be back in the possession of the light fae leadership, Lauren mouths off to her surveillance camera, breaks out of her restraints, and challenges Hale to show his face. The cell door opens and we cut off at Lauren's shocked face as she discovers the true identity of her warden.

Upon returning home and discovering that the place has been trashed and Tamsin is missing, Bo and Kenzi rush off to confront Massimo, who sends them on a wild goose chase for an ingredient that he claims will give Kenzi permanent Fae powers. This leads the girls directly to Lauren's old apartment where Bo is attacked by a gargoyle and Kenzi breaks down revealing her love for Hale and the extent of her addiction to Massimo's creams and tinctures. Kenzi also reveals that she even gave him the Twig of Zamora (a relic of Hale's family that true fans will remember grants invincibility to its holder) to keep her habit going.

It turns out that Massimo had been after a lock of Tamsin's super-rejuvenated Valkyrie hair in order to perform a feat that will bring him back into his mother's good graces. Bo calls him out for his mommy issues and is prepared to kick butt succubus style, when both she and Massimo are stopped in their tracks by a crazed Tamsin who has unleashed the full spectrum of her re-born Valkyrie might (which now includes sprouting wings). Bo is just barely able to talk her down before sending her out of the room. And just when you're ready for Bo to really lay on the hurt, she retrieves Tamsin's hair and unceremoniously drops it into the lava pool that Massimo, as all good druids do, keeps in the center of his lair.

While Bo stomps calmly off to settle unfinished business with the lurking threat of the Una Mens, Massimo pulls a Gollum and willingly throws himself into the pit. Bo arrives in the chamber of the Una Mens who express their annoyance over her appearance without an invitation, clocks the gargoyle that had been harassing her earlier, and prepares for a fight. But this high Fae council no longer has any interest in the succubus for they claim she is no longer unaligned. Her blood is spoken for…by the Dark.