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Episode Recap: Waves

After an ominous opening in which Bo's blood-splattered face tilts serenely towards the recently revealed Reiner who coaxes her with the words "It had to be done." We're off on a jaunt with the side-kick-squad punctuated by flashbacks to Bo's spotty timeline on the cosmic express.

Kenzi, Dyson, and Lauren have been contracted by a suddenly legless orphaned pixie whose limbs were reduced to stumps after she decided to take a dip in the company pool. This sends the gang undercover into a lair more menacing than any den of Fae activity they have ever infiltrated – a corporate office building!

Remiss to let the opportunity to wear a fire engine red skirt suit pass her by, Kenzi takes on the role of a junior executive while Dyson dons the drab digs of the mail room. To make matters more complicated, this building is outfitted with some serious big brother tech that monitors the heart rates of all employees, alerting the boss if anyone becomes too agitated for the workplace. While struggling to keep their cool, Kenzi and Dyson go toe to toe with sassy secretaries, grumpy cubicle workers, and eager interns all to expose whatever foul fae is behind their clients vanishing legs.

One trip through the air ducts later, and Kenzi emerges in a secret room filled with rows of disembodied human limbs. Meanwhile, Dyson finds a pearl in the pools salt water filtration system, which upon further inspection by Dr. Lauren is revealed to actually be a crystalized salt deposit. This all sounds like a bunch of mumbo jumbo to Kenzi, but thanks to this piece of evidence the culprit is clear – Mermaids.

Meanwhile, in the recesses of Bo's memory we see that she was treated to the full "Beauty and the Beast" treatment while riding with Reiner. After turning down dinner invitations, refusing to wear fancy dresses, and determining not to fall in love with her captor, Bo intrigues Reiner in a way that none of his previous guests have. When Bo revives a preserved butterfly in a glass case, exhibiting a new facet of her power, Reiner is determined that Bo is The One. Eventually Bo warms to the cursed man with whom she travels, doomed to be forgotten by all who visit his prison as soon as they disembark, and she vows to do anything to force herself to remember and save him even if it means joining The Dark.

Back in the present, Kenzi comes face to face with the big boss who pleads with her to understand that he just "wants to be where the people are." And, with her fairy-tale induced sympathies triggered, Kenzi softens towards the man who says he only takes legs that have been donated to him voluntarily. He explains that his jealous sister has been stalking him, trying to bring him back into the ocean, but in order to get close enough to do so, she'll need a pair of shapely feminine legs of her own.

Cue Lauren wading into the pool armed with a sonar-powered mer-person stunning device. Dyson heroically tackles the flailing fish, and their interrogation begins.  Unfortunately, the original victim from the top of the episode reveals herself to be a mermaid as well, and the three merfolk decide to band together, get rid of Kenzi, Lauren and Dyson, and start anew, stealing legs to their hearts content. They use their mastery over water to choke Dyson out of commission from within, but foolishly discount human ingenuity and are reduced to puddles when Lauren turns a torrent of tap water on them – everyone knows mermaids can only survive in the salty seas.

With that taken care of, we re-join Bo and Reiner who have infiltrated the lair of the Una Mens. Using Reiner's power of battle premonition, Bo is able to outmaneuver their ability to mirror her strength, and just like that the androgynous, monotone big bad of the season is eliminated, but not before warning Bo that she is following the spawn of evil.

Back in Bo's bedroom, an unwelcome Trick, appears to echo the words of the Una Mens. He explains that upon their death all of their power returned to the origin seed. And while the seed once resided in the possession of the blood king, it had recently gone missing…as if someone knew what was to pass.

Cut to an image of a bloody, bandaged hand, reaching toward a seed that glows with freshly absorbed power, and buckle your seatbelts, because this season is about to go into overdrive!