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5 Things You Need to Know Before the Final Season of Lost Girl

The final season of Lost Girl starts tonight at 10/9c so that means it's catch up time!


The final season of Lost Girl starts tonight, so that means it's catch up time! Here's everything you need to know to make sure that your'e up to speed. Tune in for all new episodes of Lost Girl Mondays at 10/9c.

1. Kenzi left the fold.


After being trapped in Hell/Valhalla at the beginning of last season and then losing Hale all over again, our girl decided that she was OVER the high drama that comesalong with living in the world of Fae.

2. Bo's childhood was way more screwed up than yours. And here's how:

  • Exhibit A: Her father is King of the Underworld A.K.A. Hades.
  • Exhibit B: Bo (unknowingly) slept with her step-mother, Persephone, who is being held captive in Hell by Bo's dad.
  • Exhibit C: Bo learns that she was born in Hell. And we see her jail cell-like baby crib to prove it.
  • Exhibit D: Zeus, who is the brother of Hades, is a part of an evil Fae cult known as "The Ancients" (pictured above). They want to take over Earth and do bad things to humanity. In order to get around in the world undetected, Zeus and his accomplices have hitched rides inside of human bodies. Zeus chose the body of a blonde lady as his cover, making her Bo's very attractive and very, very bad aunt Zeus.

3. Dyson discovers that he has a son named Mark.


Bo unknowingly slept with Mark before finding out that he is Dyson's son. Dyson doesn't know about any of this, so this will be our little secret for now. Deal?

4. Tamsin falls crazy in love with Bo but Bo is just not that into her.


Bo, who's usually not a one person succubus, decides to make a go of monogamy with Lauren, instead.

5. Bo finds a _____ in a box.

Hades, You ARE the Father

**Hades** fills in the blank above, btw.

Crass jokes aside, at the very end of the season, Bo opens up a forbidden box that could unleash Hades from Hell to help her fight against The Ancients . Bo's reasoning? "Maybe it takes evil to fight evil." We'll see about that in the Final Season, Bo-Bo!

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