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Bo's Little Black Book

The complete and total list of all the people Bo's hooked up with!


Dyson tried to let Tamsin down easy this week, when he explained that Bo is a succubus so there will always be "others". By "others" he means people Bo will have sex with and suck chi from because she's a succubus. Which is part of the reason why she's awesome and we love her and we watch the show - her romantic exploits are bonkers nuts. So we wanted to relive that.

Here's a breakdown of everyone our favorite Fae in charge has got biblical with, broken down by season and episode. Enjoy!

Season 1

  • Episode 2: Dyson
  • Episode 4: Samir and Olivia
  • Episode 5: Dyson
  • Episode 5: Kyle
  • Episode 5: Dyson
  • Episode 8: Dyson
  • Episode 8: Lauren
  • Episode 11: Dyson
  • Episode 13: Dyson

Most frequent romantic partner: Dyson

Season 2


  • Episode 2: Dyson/Mare
  • Episode 5: Cayden
  • Episode 6: Lauren
  • Episode 10: Unknown (one-night stand)
  • Episode 14: Ryan
  • Episode 15: Ryan
  • Episode 15: Restaurant maître d' and Ryan
  • Episode 18: Ryan

Most frequent romantic partner: Ryan  

Season 3


  • Episode 1: Lauren
  • Episode 2: Lauren
  • Episode 4: Lauren (Twice), Dyson
  • Episode 5: Random blonde lady

Most frequent romantic partner: Lauren

Season 4

  • Episode 4: Dyson
  • Episode 5: Lauren
  • Episode 6: Dyson
  • Episode 10: Rainer

Most frequent romantic partner: Dyson

Season 5


  • Episode 2: Persephone (her stepmother!)
  • Episode 3: Dyson
  • Episode 4: Mark (Dyson's son!)
  • Episode 5: Tamsin
  • Episode 7: Lauren

Most frequent romantic partner:  All rolls in the hay created equally.   

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