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Episode Recap: 44 Minutes to Save the World

Bo and her allies race to stop an ancient evil from wreaking mass destruction.


Bo has chosen to open up the terrible, evil box that her father left her as a gift. And when she does, Zee goes ballistic. Bo has no idea what she's unleashed upon the world, but what she assumes is that she's released her father, Hades, onto the world.  And there are even more problems that need solving quickly: Mark has been stabbed and since Lauren doesn't have her implements to save him, she's relieved when a doctor steps out of nowhere. Yet unbeknownst to her, it's Hades!

Meanwhile, Trick is worried about the fact that the Nix is still in town. And he's willing to call upon some serious Blood King magic to solve the problem. And the thing about the Nix is that it's an evil creature living in the body of Iris (Zeus and Hera's daughter) – and Iris is living in the body of Cece, a teenager who slept with Mark. Main thing to remember is that she can END THE WORLD with just a touch of her hand if she so chooses.
Meanwhile, Tamsin is tied to a chair by Zee and Kevin, (Zeus and Hera, the ancients currently living in the body of humans on earth). Zee is worried about the fact that the world is going to end but says that they'll be safe as long as they have the shield. But they don't have the shield because Trick has it. It was stolen at the party thrown by Kevin a few episodes back. Zee is super mad.

Meanwhile, Hades shows up and starts poking around Lauren's lab when Bo shows up and blows his cover.  Mark tells the gang that when they had sex, Iris/Cece/The Nix took off the bracelet. Which means that when she's wearing it, she can be controlled. So the team decides that getting the bracelet back on Iris' arm is a major priority. Bo takes Hades with her to go and find out how to trap her in the box and send her back to Tartarus.

Tamsin has decided that in order to get loose, she's going to taunt Kevin (Dude-Hera) and get under his skin. Her point is that he would really have no idea if Zee simply decided to get rid of him. Thing is? She might be right. Zee is busy, though, paying a visit to Trick to tell him her real plan: to end the current world and fire up a new world where everyone worships the gods and makes sacrifices and things.  They make a trade. Trick gives up the shield and Zee gives up…what?

As Bo and her father turn up at the club to look for Iris, what they find is a whole lot of dead people. But not before Hades tells Bo that the box is made for her specifically. Mark tells Bo to go and check out the gym because it's possible Cece/Iris/Nix went there. And that's where Alicia is. Remember Alicia? The lady that Dyson was kinda-sorta dating whose husband Kevin was the dude who Hera possessed (just stay with us, here). Anyway, lots of awkward between Dyson and Alicia.

A quick lover's spat between Zee and Kevin over their daughter Iris, which leads to Zee demanding to know "how dare you defy Zeus!?"  And neutralizing him with a lightening bolt to the heart. Zee allows Tamsin to go free so she can watch the end of the world. Across town, when Hades and Bo can't convince Iris to go back to the underworld on her own, Hades takes matters into his own hands. He holds Iris up by the neck as Bo cranks the evil box that contains the Nix, and that kills Iris and Cece.

Not wanting Hades to interfere with any more of her friends, Bo locks Hades into a cell in the lab, neutralizing him for now. Hades and Bo fight about Aife, Bo's mother, and the old wounds are still open. Finally, with Kevin still in a coma, everyone decides to get some rest and to keep him alive until they can figure out their next move. Lauren and Bo go for a walk, at the end of a long day and just as Lauren tells Bo how much she loves her, a truck comes screaming at Lauren and smacks completely into her and things look bad. Dead, in fact. But wait, what's this? Lauren's eyes open up and they are blue! And it looks as though she's feeding off of Bo! What the what?