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Episode Recap: Big In Japan

Bo and Tamsin protect a Japanese warrior, while Lauren deals with death threats of her own


As Bo spends an afternoon painting her apartment, Dyson hangs around shirtless. Bo's surprised to learn that she's pretty much lost her interest in fooling around with him. Or anyone really. And that's definitely new. Across town at the Dal, however, an unnamed assassin is after one of the patrons, a super rich Japanese Fae who can freeze liquids named Misashi. Conveniently, Bo has decided it's time to go out with Tamsin to try and get her mojo back. After the two meet up with Misashi, they wake up to find that Bo is still not interested in sex and somewhere along the line, the pair agreed to be Misashi's bodyguards.

Why he needs bodyguards remains unclear, but Misashi knows it has something to do with the fact that he's an exalted Fae warrior in the process of ascending to the level of a god. So that warrens the need for protection, right? Meanwhile, Lauren has started getting a little jumpy. Ever since she figured out how to make The Morrigan into a human, she's been getting death threats from various Fae. Dyson offers to help, but Lauren claims she's too busy helping to investigate an elevator accident that killed a lot of people and some Fae (and we see one of the dead bodies is that creepy lady from last episode that seemed to be VERY interested in when Bo lit Persephone's candle).  After she gets a little too freaked out about this, she acquiesces and asks Dyson to train her; much in the way he trained Kenzi. So, he takes off his shirt (again), and they enter the boxing ring.

Misashi is attacked by a ninja as Bo and Tamsin go down; but once the assassin knows whom Misashi is, he commits suicide before revealing the name of the person who hired him. Tamsin tells Bo to feed off of her to heal the wound on her arm, but Bo says she can't. Even Lauren can't fire up Bo's sex drive, and that actually puts Bo in some serious risk – if she can't restore herself, she's more vulnerable than she's ever been. Trick tries to explain that because of the year she's had and because of Kenzi leaving, she's psychologically unable. Bo actually thinks this might be good for her, but is interrupted when Tamsin arrives with proof that the person trying to have Misashi killed -- is his brother. Bo goes to the massage parlor to get some information out of Misashi's sibling, but instead, has a conversation with Tumoe, Misashi's sister. It turns out that the legend of Misashi is not true, and that if he ascends to god-like status, he'll turn into a filth-eating akanami (the equivalent of a human toilet brush). So, she's trying to save him from that. All Misashi needs to do is admit that he wasn't the great warrior he said he was, but it could be too late. The ceremony is already underway. It's interrupted by Tumoe, the sister, who turns out to be the real exalted one.

Later that night, Bo tries to get her mojo back in the mirror when Misashi stabs her in the gut. Unable to feed off the sexual energy of others or to reach her phone in time, could this be the end of Bo? Not so fast, because Lauren, Dyson, and the others are trying to get her to feed off of them. Bo finally breaks down and reveals what's wrong: she doesn't want to be the Chosen One anymore because that means it's only a matter of time before she loses all of them. When they all profess that they won't be going anywhere, Bo finally snaps out of it and tells Dyson it's time to "heal" and Tamsin and Lauren share a lovely conversation and everything seems to be working out fine.

But not so fast, back at Lauren's lab, a Fae has infiltrated the place demanding the serum that turned The Morrigan human. Lauren uses some of her new skills to disarm him, but things are still unfinished. Just as everyone's wrapping up for the night and settling in to watch a horror movie, that blonde lady from the elevator crash earlier this episode wakes up, kills a lab assistant, and puts on some lipstick.

You guys, who IS she?