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Episode Recap: Clear Eyes, Fae Hearts

Dyson investigates a murder victim who won’t stay dead, while Bo and Tamsin enter the world of college football. Yes, really.


Bo starts things off with a spooky dream this week, and those never bode well for anyone. In this one, Lauren is messing with that spooky wooden box that arrived for Bo's birthday –uhm, from Hell, if you'll recall. Meanwhile, Dyson finds that spooky swirly symbol that's been around the last few episodes. A football player named Jake has been murdered and that symbol has turned up near his body. And so the team decides the only logical solution is for Tamsin to go undercover as a cheerleader, and Bo as a scout.  

Bo immediately befriends Derek the male cheerleader and gets a ton of information out of him. A quick rundown: it's possible that Brinkley the head cheerleader is capable of killing, but Jake was also a bit of a bully – especially to Derek the cheerleader and Clay the Quarterback, who Bo suspects is probably Fae. Tamsin tries to get information out of Clay, but no dice. Meanwhile, Cassie the Oracle is starting to see visions of a coming flood. That can't be good.

Tamsin is clearly jealous of Lauren and Bo, and we'll get back to that because breaking news: that mysterious blonde lady from the past few episodes just sat down in the Dal! And ordered a drink with a hard boiled egg in it! Meanwhile, Mark and Dyson have a quick father son moment when they're interrupted by a woman who is pretty convinced her husband is back from the dead.  Dyson assures her he'll look into it. All this while Lauren discovers that the urine sample of Clay the Quarterback means that he is a Heroclid – that is: a human with the strength of Hercules.

The case of  Jake the dead football player takes a few twists and turns as Clay is let off the hook a bit and Derek the cheerleader is taken in for questioning. Meanwhile, Harris drops by to tell Mark that things are going to go down at the football game and Clay holds a press conference wherein he comes out of the closet in order to protect Derek from prosecution. Does nobody ever just leave a press conference instead of blurting everything out?

It turns out that Clay hasn't been able to come out of the closet because of his PR reps, a business called "Capital Sports." When Bo says the name of the PR firm, Dyson realizes that he's seen that business name in the same photo as that Horatio guy (remember, the one that was probably response for blinding Cassie the Oracle?). The team is ready to figure more of this out and head off to the big game.  When Bo storms the press box, she meets that mysterious blonde lady and Horatio, who all turn out to be the PR team! And they all admit that this is their plot – to take energy from the roar of the crowd! Killing Jake was just collateral damage!

On the field, Tamsin runs the football into the end zone, and wins the game, allowing the Fae cult to feed off the energy of the crowd. Meanwhile, Dyson meets with the woman who lost her husband and tells her to take some time away. When Bo shows Tamsin the injury she's gotten from the lightning shot at her by the blonde lady, no amount of kissing can heal it.  Plus? Tamsin refers to them as girlfriends. Awkward.

It turns out that the fae cult are likely "the ancients." That's correct, these are some big time God-like creatures, on the level of like, Zeus. Turns out they're a family, they've come looking for Bo, and they seem to have a very serious plan.