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Episode Recap: End of Faes

Bo and the team attend a party with the mission to take down a new enemy. Plus: Bo's father revealed!


First Kenzi and now Tamsin is leaving!? No! Where's she going? And why? Well. The answers are: Motel 6. And it's because she knows that Bo will always be with Lauren in her heart. On her way out though, Tamsin gives Bo an invitation that arrived for her – to a party thrown by the ancients. When she asks the team to go with her as back up, they decide to dress up fancy and go on a mission – this time with Dyson's son, Mark, in tow.  When the team arrives, they are shocked and super confused to learn that the party is a surprise in Bo's honor.

So, it's a party thrown by Greek gods, and Iris and Hera have a quick mother and daughter moment – but let's remember that Hera is in the body of that dude who went on a lot of dates with the oracles and made them take out their eyeballs. While Iris is the girl who keeps showing up at the Dal making nice with Mark, while stealing Trick's ledger in the process. Everyone splits up and gets to work, but not before Bo tries to open up to Lauren about wanting to be together. They're interrupted by…yes, of course, the appearance of Tamsin.

Bo finds her way into one of the bedrooms where she finally comes face to face with ZeeZee who clarifies that she is, yes, the female embodiment of Zeus and that she wants the same thing as Bo – to stop Hades (Bo's dad, which makes Lady Zeus Bo's aunt!) from ending the world. Meanwhile, Dyson injects Dude-Hera with a bug spray, and Trick notices the Aegeus Shield, which could be the key to Zeus' demise. All that while Zeus shows Trick and Bo what the end of the world would look like if Hades wins – and it is terrifying. Zeus explains that the longer Bo and Hades are connected, the stronger he becomes. The handprint that's on Bo's left shoulder is the mark of Hades, which gives him his power. So all this time, Bo's been feeding him. Trippy. Bo agrees with ZeeZee – it's time for an emancipation from her father.

Meanwhile Mark and Iris sneak off to fool around in a suburban house. Now, remember that Iris is just using the body of Cece -- a girl killed in that elevator accident – and now, she's taken Mark to the house where the parents of that girl live. Meanwhile, back at the party, the emancipation gets underway. Bo has to choose the weapon that will cut out the mark of Hades. All this while Lauren and Tamsin tie up Hera and then realize that it's possible that Iris is more powerful than her "parents." In realizing this they look around the party for Iris. No dice? Also, where's Mark? The group puts the emancipation on hold fearing that Mark is in danger.

When Iris confronts the father of the body she's using, she ends up killing him, and THAT results in Mark getting stabbed by CeCe's mother with a kitchen knife. Iris runs off into the world and back at the party ZeeZee confronts Tamsin and strikes her with lightening in order to enact "Plan B" – to get to Bo and complete the ritual. Or…is that her true intentions?

It turns out that now that Iris has freed herself from the rule of Zeus and Hera by taking off a bracelet they gave her– people are starting to die when they touch her. By slowly turning black – just like in the vision of what Hades was trying to do to the world.  This includes Bo, who tries to comfort Iris by touching her face. Her hand turns black because it turns out the evil that Hades was going to unleash? It's not Hades that's unleashing it – it's Iris.

As she and Trick try to solve the problem of how to contain the evil that is Iris, they come across a solution – the box that Bo received from the underworld for her birthday. As she races to try and get the box in time, she finds that ZeeZee has beat her to it. The two wrestle it out until Bo decides to do the only thing she can to save the world from ZeeZee's terrifying plan – open the box and release Hades into the world. Her daddy, Hades, appears as a vision. And he's played by Eric Roberts. He tells her to open the box. Bo, pulling a Pandora, does so.

And that's where we leave Bo and co. Until Season 5 continues....