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Episode Recap: Family Portrait

Bo searches for truth when conflicting versions of her past emerge.


So, having seemingly fallen into the sinewy arms of Tamsin, Bo is trying to figure out why Hephaestus would cast a horseshoe for her as a weapon. It just doesn't make a lot of sense, but no matter, because there are some big doings over at the Fae institution for the mentally ill as a familiar face escapes. Yes, team. It's Aife, Bo's mom. Bo quickly finds out that her mother came looking for her while she was on the Death Train, and went insane. When Bo stops by the asylum to ask some questions, she talks with Estelle: who tells her that Aife was frightened by something when all of her memories came rushing back.

Could this have anything to do with the fact that Hades has escaped from the glass room at Lauren's lab? Bo has a hunch that it does, so she sends Dyson off to make sure the backdoor to Hell is guarded, and heads off to look for her father – but finds her parents mighty close instead. Bo is confused when Aife tells her that Hades has freed her twice, and that Trick was the one who had her committed. Wait. Trick? As in Bo's grandfather, Trick?

Meanwhile, Tamsin has started to lose her hair and as Lauren looks for answers as to why, Tamsin reveals that in past lives, hair falling out was the first sign of death. Lauren has a lot of questions and wants to do a full work up. That's when Tamsin lets it slip that she slept with Bo the night that Lauren and Bo broke up. All this while at dysfunctional family dinner, Bo gets the full truth about her family: Aife was betrayed by Trick a long time ago and it drove her mad, until Hades found her and they had Bo together. The reason that Aife was always caged up? Because Hades was protecting Bo from her. It's very touching, but Bo doesn't buy it until Aife hops into her car and reveals the real plan: to send Hades back to hell.

Here's the thing about Aife: she has a very vivid memory of Bo coming to visit her in the asylum and coming up with a plan to send Hades back to Hell.  But that never happened. And Aife may be completely losing it. She even pulls a knife. When Bo confronts Trick about the past lies, Trick stands his ground and tells Bo that he's always been trying to protect her. He hands over a box of Aife's files and asylum records, from which Bo discovers that someone was impersonating her – and uh oh, it was her father. And THAT means that when Tamsin and Bo slept together, it was Hades. He's been impersonating Bo for a while now, it seems. Which means Tamsin slept with Bo's dad but thought it was Bo, which is both a very confusing thought and probably a statement on gender politics somehow, but we're not sure. Also, uhm. Hades is not a dude to mess with.

When the girls confront Hades, it quickly gets physical and there is knife play that gets Dyson stabbed. As Bo and the team rush to save Dyson, Trick and Aife reunite in the asylum. Hades shows up and picks a fight. And what happens next results in the death of both Aife and Trick. OMG Trick's dead! All while Lauren searches for more answers as to what's happening with Tamsin, and discovers something unexpected – a heartbeat! Tamsin is pregnant!