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Episode Recap: Follow the Yellow Trick Road

Under lockdown, the gang rallies to save one of their own.


Bo wakes up in a world that is black and white - except for her gorgeous red gingham dress. See, in the real world, Bo is in a coma and Dyson is protecting everyone, Lauren is urging everyone to stay close to Bo, and Tamsin is pregnant like crazy. Standard stuff, right?

Bo goes exploring in her weird black and white world and bumps into a dream world version of Tamsin - a real estate developer who tells her to go see the Maestro, who knows all. In real life, Tamsin and Lauren have a heart to heart about the baby - Tamsin is pregnant and even though Lauren says that Tamsin will never be alone, Tamsin really kind of wants that. Everyone races to find a way for Bo to feed so she'll wake up faster, as Vex and Marc bring Trick's book to Bo's place. As expected, Marc is grieving pretty hard, Dyson is grumpy like crazy, and Vex is trying to offer parenting advice.

In Bo's dreamstate, Dyson turns up as a cowardly dog-soldier deserter type. He's been left alone in the woods. He joins Bo and Thomasina (Tamsin as real estate developer) on their journey to meet with the Maestro; while back in the real world, Dyson confesses to feeling a good deal of guilt about the fact that he was supposed to protect Trick and failed. Then, Lauren and Dyson discover that a moth has bitten Bo and in order to save her, they need to find the moth and get it to spit in her mouth. Whoa. Gross.

In comatose Bo's psyche, the gang run into a version of Lauren we haven't seen before – stoner Lauren, a Lauren who forgets, a Lauren who is of no help at all because she chooses to forget all her knowledge. Also she has killer dreadlocks. Vex also appears in the coma dream as a two faced set of brothers who share one body. One of them is helpful and one of them is trying to keep Bo and the team trapped in a weird hall of mirrors. He gives them a riddle that reveals to Bo the truth: that what they've been dealing with all along is her reflection and not reality. And that leads her to The Dal. She thinks she is about to meet Trick but instead she meets herself.

In the real world, Kenzi returns! She breaks into the attic of the clubhouse just in time for the moth to make its appearance. The antidote! They've found it! Except - in the dreamworld, things aren't so rosy. Kenzi has arrived, in a white dress and looking like her make up was done in her sleep. Things go from bad to worse, though, as the moth medicine seems to be keeping Bo trapped. Plus, the reflections that have plagued Bo in this dream state have taken effect and Kenzi's other side is revealed. She attacks Bo, who fights back, and finally wins with kissing. (Duh.)

Kenzi's spirit is restored, Bo's healing commences and she goes back to her friends just in time for the reading of Trick's will. Trick leaves Kenzi constant passage between the Fae and human worlds. He leaves Lauren his books to further her research, a blanket that provides home for Tamsin, and Vex gets the compass of Nerad – so he can stay on the right path. And then, (awesome!) he leaves Dyson and Marc the bar. And to Bo? He leaves his heart. Everything is lovely until Hades turns up to try and get Vex to join his evil plot. Vex, in his last act of coming to the light side, refuses Hades' offer – and has his throat slashed. Nooooo!!!