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Episode Recap: Here Comes the Night

In the aftermath of a storm, Bo and the gang are met with some surprising revelations and familiar faces.


There's been a tornado! It's bizarrely localized! Things are going poorly! And it looks like the ancients are behind it – they've left a big crop-circle type marking of that symbol they've been leaving on bodies. Worse, Dyson believes that the ensuing chaos could result in someone trying to steal Evony's serum. Back at the Dal, Trick tells Mark and Vex that he suspects this is the work of Zeus and the ancients, and that Greek Gods are really just Fae so powerful that they were once worshipped by humans.

Then, uhm, Vex and Mark hook up in the back room? We didn't see that coming, honestly. Vex maybe? But Mark was a surprise.

Dyson tells Tamsin to be careful with her heart around Bo – that it's obvious that Tamsin REALLY likes her and that since Bo is a succubus, jealousy is never really going to get anybody anywhere.  Also, remember how Dyson was hot on the trail of Heratio, that ancient who was using the body of the man killed in the elevator crash? Well, he finds him – back at home in his old life, and up to no good. All that - while Bo and Lauren try to contain the evil that's in Evony's containment box left at the lab. When it turns out to be an empty containment box, Lauren and Bo do what they do best – fool around with one another – only to be caught by Tamsin, who's pretty sad about it.

Meanwhile, back at the Dal, Marc doesn't have any idea what Vex is talking about when he brings up their rendezvous in the backroom. So yeah. That might not have really happened. And that's when Evony shows up asking Vex for help finding the invisible evil that's in the containment box at the lab. And whatever's in that box, has started killing lab technicians. Dyson, meanwhile, goes to question Heratio the ancient, who is masquerading as Kevin, the dead man from his previous life. While Dyson thinks Heratio is Zeus, it turns out that Heratio is actually Hera, Zeus' wife, and he can shoot bugs out of his mouth. Oh! Got it. Hera/Heratio. Makes sense.

As Dyson works to figure out more about the ancients, Bo shows up and seduces him in a way that's a little bit weird, just as Evony and Vex break into the lab to try and steal the serum. The invisible monster comes looking for them and things get very impressive because it turns out the invisible monster is Eros (More! Greek! Gods!) and once dated Evony. She kept him contained in a box because they had a bad break up. Just like Evony would.

Back at the Dal, Trick is visited by Isabeau, who says she's really here and they will be together again soon. This is the main clue that everyone has been having oracle-visions: which are basically a ruse to make out with someone in order to extract truth, and in order to do that they have to give truth. So, turns out Dyson is definitely holding a candle for Bo, Trick saw Isabeau, and Vex totally has a thing for Mark.

All of that adds up to the fact that Zeus (known as ZeeZee – that blonde lady) wants to know some things about Bo, so the oracles corner her and pretend to be Dyson and Lauren. When Trick interrupts the whole business and saves Bo, she reveals that her father is Hades. The two realize that the time has come to once and for all, get to the bottom of Bo's parentage – and meet the other side of the family. All that as ZeeZee, in the body of that blonde lady, throws Cassandra, the eyeless oracle, off the balcony.