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Episode Recap: It’s Your Lucky Fae

When an oracle goes missing, Bo goes undercover on a Fae dating website to find the guilty party.


It's Bo's birthday! And the gifts have started arriving – namely a spooky wooden box from the underworld. It's from Bo's father. Remember him? Hades? God of the Underworld? Bo calls to make a date to discuss the gift with her oracle friend Cassie. But here's the deal with Cassie – she is on a terrible date with a guy who kisses her and makes her lose her mind. And not in the fun way – Cassie literally clutches her head in agony and drops to the ground.

At the Dal, Tamsin and Lauren realize that they've forgotten Bo's birthday and rush out to buy lousy last-minute gifts. Lauren opts for knick-knacks while Tamsin buys Bo a stuffed black cat, said to bring luck to its owner. And, be clear, it does – but at a cost. It seems to bring luck to Bo, while it drains all the luck out of Lauren. When Tamsin and Bo go to find Cassie, they realize that her apartment is covered in blood. Thinking fast, Tamsin calls Cassie's odious cousin Seymour, who arrives at the Dal and creeps Bo out because he's a total sleaze. He does mention, though, that Cassie had been online dating, so Bo and Tamsin decide to find the dating site Cassie may have signed up for.

Meanwhile, nobody is having great luck. When Trick hires Mark as a bartender and has him sign the ledger of Fae names, Mark accidentally tears a page. And then Vex drops in to pick on Mark, and the two end up getting along pretty well. Which causes a secondary problem, Mark fools around with two fae girls in the back room and it appears as though one of them has stolen the ledger. Dyson is pretty furious that Mark has started working at the Dal, and the two square off over their father-son issues.

Meanwhile, as Tamsin and Bo continue to track down Cassie, they set up a fake account in Bo's name and are instantly surprised when the last date Cassie had (Horatio55) asks Bo out. Also, Bo is going through something odd. She's starting to behave like a cat. Purring, batting at things. It's a bit weird. When Cassie's phone calls Bo, she answers it but all she hears is Cassie struggling. When she goes on the date, Bo's cat transformation continues to get worse and worse and she flees the date, only to learn that she's under a spell from the stuffed cat gift that Tamsin gave her. Worse, if she tries to disrupt the spell, it could mean that she's a cat for good.

Bo, Tamsin, and Lauren decide to go off in search of Cassie using only luck and cat-like reflexes. And it works! They find the three oracles, all of them with their eyes plucked out. It's gross, but even more disturbing is the news that these wounds were self-inflicted. What?!  Back at Bo's place, Dyson and Tamsin come up with an ingenious plan to remove the spell from Bo by tricking Seymour into stealing the cat's powers, and Bo is free to continue her investigation.

The trail keeps getting twistier as Bo decides to take a quick break and confess to Tamsin that she was born in Hell. The two talk it out (and also hook up because hello this is Lost Girl) and that's when the final blow gets struck. Turns out that the bad guy who's behind not only the self-inflicted eye-gouging but also the theft of Trick's ledger? Is that sneaky old Horatio. What's he up to?