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Episode Recap: Judgment Fae

Bo tracks down an old foe who has taken on a new form.


Bo and Lauren take a good hot shower and seem to be really enjoying this new phase of their relationships where everyone's a Fae. Though it turns out Lauren is just mostly-Fae – she has to be touching a Fae to really get the benefit. Bo is upset because Jack/Hades helped Lauren solve the equation that helped turned her this way, and warns her that Hades is terrible.  Thing is, Bo is probably right: Lauren learns that the result of becoming a Fae is that she now has early stage Parkinson's disease. Meanwhile, Dyson is still shacking up with Kevin's fiancé, Alicia, and quite possibly falling in love with her.

And! Zee is back! Except it's not Zee! It's Elizabeth, the woman whose body Zee took over. And she's both scared and very hungry. Elizabeth tells the gang that she was aware that Zee had hijacked her body, but she tried to close her eyes against it. Trick says that Zee might be trading in her shield for a favor so that Hephaestus, the most hideous guy around, can make a new weapon. The plan is to find him and figure this out. Except – in order to do that, Bo has to find the judge who knows how to find Hephaestus... and when they find the judge, Bo learns she has to pass a test.  

The test is a courtroom. In order for Bo to get an audience with Hephaestus, she has to win a court case for a client she's never met. If she fails, she's going to be sent to Myth, a limbo-type place from which nobody returns. Bo does a pretty good job in the courtroom, but this is not necessarily her strong suit. The case involves a tech start up between two partners who used to be close but things went sour when one of the partners worried he was being cut out of the business.  Bo figures out that the law doesn't matter in this case, that what's at stake is their relationship, they drop the lawsuit and become partners again. Turns out Bo was trying to learn about her inner justice – supporting someone is a form of protecting them. The judge grants an audience with the hideous Hephaestus, who turns out to be crazy handsome.

Now things get tricky. Zee has taken over Lauren's body and now she's woken up Kevin (who has Hera still living inside of him), to come join him in Hephaestus' workshop. Worse still, Lauren isn't strong enough for Zee to take over, but also the effort of fighting Zee off is starting to kill Lauren. When Hera returns, so does Elizabeth, who allows Zee back into her body, but this time, she's going to pay closer attention. That's when Zee intervenes, and decides to send both herself and Hera back to Myth. Even though they were bored there, Zee has a plan. And Hera agrees to trust her. Zee's parting words to Bo are that "Hades' evil comes in many forms." Bo gets the weapon that Hephaestus was making for her. And it's a horseshoe. But...why?

Zeus and Hera leave Kevin and Elizabeth's bodies, and while Dyson has denied to everyone that he's falling in love with Alicia, he has. And now, Kevin's awake and the two are reunited, leaving Dyson all alone.

Lauren and Bo start to make up, but it doesn't go as planned. See, Lauren wanted to be Fae because she was sad that one day she will get old. So, despite Bo saying that she'll love Lauren forever, Lauren took the Fae antidote. And then tells Bo that they can't see each other anymore. Blaming her father for losing Lauren, Bo tells him they will never have a relationship. She threatens him and tells him to go out and do his worst. He tells her he wants to be a family with her. Bo refuses and says she never will.

Finally, as per usual when Bo is feeling fragile, she turns to Tamsin and the two head off to bed. Oh, those Fae.