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Episode Recap: Let Them Burn

A shocking discovery forces Bo to make a difficult decision.


Kenzi, Dyson, Marc and Lauren find themselves trapped in the clubhouse as it burns. We are wasting no time here, people! And even though Kenzi's first thought is that Jack (Hades) is responsible, it turns out, the person who started the fire is Bo! What?

Well, so here's how that happened: 24 hours earlier, Bo told Kenzi that the key to solving the Jack problem is the Pyrapus (Hades' Hell horse). She finds images of it in old books, and then there was that horseshoe forged by the gods, so…Bo could be on to something. Kenzi finds Vex up in the attic with his throat cut and the girls realize that even worse? Tamsin has been taken away by Hades. Yep, he's keeping Tamsin in a cage, much like he did with Aife at Bo's birth.  Worse, Hades has clipped Tamsin's Valkyrie wings while she was sleeping.

Bo and Kenzi put it together that Jack is killing anyone who was present at Bo's birth. Vex (who's alive!) tells them that the midwife is still alive. And that for more answers, they have to ask Evony, who loves being human and does indeed know where the midwife is: locked up at a Fae horse ranch. Bo is pretty frustrated but concedes Evony's point – that for all of their battles, why would Evony tell her any of this?

Meanwhile, Marc and Dyson stop in at The Dal, which let's recall – they own now, and Dyson decides to call a consillium, a gathering of powerful Fae – and it hasn't been called in over 1200 years. Marc wants to summon the Dark as well as the Light Fae, but Dyson wants only the light. These two have a hard time agreeing.

Bo and Kenzi head out to the Fae horse ranch and meet the midwife, whom Trick saved from execution years prior. Turns out that Trick wanted to protect Bo from Aife and Hades so the midwife (Luanne) hid Bo away. When they ask about the Pyrapus, the Hell Horse, Hades' helper -- Luanne tells them to saddle up, and takes them out to meet a fire-breathing horse. But this can't be the Pyrapus because the horseshoe doesn't fit. And that's when Bo figures it out – SHE is the Pyrapus.

Meanwhile, there are some problems at the consillium. Both Dark and light Fae have arrived and are fighting out what's happening next while Dyson and Marc have father-son problems: Marc is learning how to change into his Fae self and Dyson is being supportive, despite their differences. What's nice about this is that Dyson tells Marc that he'll love him no matter what. As the collection of wizards keep fighting over procedure and old prejudices surface, Dyson steps in and unites them with a moving speech, revealing to them that Trick was the Blood King. And with that, they decide to fight Hades together, both Light and Dark.

When Bo goes to confront her father, or more appropriately, surrender to him in order to save Tamsin: he tells her his plan – to let Tamsin die. Because that's what happens to all Valkyries in childbirth. Bo is bummed, but feeling all kinds of messed up and vulnerable, feeling that her dad is actually the only person that has ever been honest with her. Hades, manipulating Bo (who, c'mon, we know is prone to dark behavior) that if she's going to really join him, there's something she needs to do: summon everyone close to her and burn them all alive in the clubhouse. Bo is in full surrender mode and tells Hades to let them burn.  Hades offers Bo the throne he's been saving for her as Tamsin begs for help. Bo has become something of a terrifying Dark fae. With just one episode left (EVER!) – things have really gotten pretty dark for Bo.