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Episode Recap: Like Father, Like Daughter

Bo risks her life to retrieve an elusive Fae painting for a friend, while Lauren makes a stunning revelation.


Bo has really been through a lot lately: she released her father upon the world, Zeus (in the form of a knockout named Lady Zee) is still loose, and nobody's seen Kenzi for a while. That is, until now, when Bo and Dyson catch sight of her getting out of a limousine while they're on a stake out.  After a little catching up, Kenzi tells Bo that she's brought a guest with her – a man who turns out to be a kind man named Heathcliff. He also happens to be Hale's grandfather. They're here to find something that was stolen from him – a painting that apparently has the power to banish the ancient gods. And that could really come in handy with this whole Lady Zee business.

Meanwhile, back at the lab, Lauren is having a pleasant chat with Bo's birth father, Hades. It's a shaky peace everyone has with him, but Lauren is starting to worry about the serum she injected herself with to save her life. Alicia is also getting pretty demanding with Dyson. She has a lot of questions. (Remember Alicia? Her husband was the guy who had his body possessed by Hera.) Dyson hands her off to Mark to help her figure things out (but not tell her too much), but as per usual, Mark screws this up, and tells her WAY more than he should. Which is pretty much everything about Faes in general.

When Bo and Kenzi decide to stake out the art gallery to find the painting, Bo hits a dead end when the gallery owner won't show it to her. Also, it's clear that someone is going to come for it soon because security in this place is HIGH! It all has the telltale sign that Zee is coming for the painting. Bo finds her way into a laser filled basement where she finds both the painting AND Persephone. According to lore, because of all that's gone down – Persephone is technically bound to Hades and also Bo's prisoner. Except Bo sets her free.

It turns out the painting, aptly called The Vanishing, is a depiction of the last time the ancient gods were all together. The painting also happens to have actual musical notes embedded in it, if only you put down lines on the image. Hades tells Bo and Kenzi that a siren has to sing "the first song," which is what the musical notes add up to. They're going to go and find Heathcliff, have him sing it in the line of fire and banish Zee. There's a catch, though. It turns out the painting can be used to do some serious damage to Bo, AND they'll need to use Persephone as bait.

Persephone decides to warn Zee instead, which causes Zee to steal the siren's voice, and make him sing a song to banish Bo instead.  That's when Lauren reveals her new powers. She convinces Zee to let her check out Heathcliff's throat and when she touches him, takes his powers! She sings the first song and banishes Zee! Everyone's pretty shocked by the turn of events, but it turns out that Lauren can take on the power of any Fae she touches. Lauren is actually pretty excited about all of this, because now this means she and Bo are two Faes so that means an easy relationship, right?. Bo is nervous and asks what the long-term effects might be. Lauren doesn't seem to care, and neglects to say that the person telling her it's all okay is Hades.

Finally, after Trick tells Dyson he needs to deal with the fact that a human knows about the fae world, he takes Alicia to the bar and says he wants to claim her. She's reluctant at first, but eventually she agrees. As Kenzi and Bo check in, Bo admits that she's conflicted about how she feels about getting to know her father. Turns out, it's with good reason. Hades changed the song so that it didn't banish Zee altogether, it just made Bo and the team THINK it banished Zee. Worse, the two brothers – Zee and Hades - aren't getting along. Worse still? Hades has the REAL painting in his possession. Things are about to get real.