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Episode Recap: Like Hell Pt. 1

Bo will go to hell and back to try and save the people she loves – her family.


And so, here is Bo, climbing to the top of an insane mountain to find the hell-shoes - a pair of slippers at the top of nowhere. She needs them to get into Valhalla in order to bring Kenzi back from the dead. When Bo loses her grip and falls to her apparent death, she ends up sucking the life out of a group of doofy hillbillies and is restored.  She returns home and tries to convince Tamsin to help her.

Bo drops by the Dal to talk with Trick and Dyson, and even goes to see Lauren. In the end, everyone realizes that there's no stopping her whatsoever – she's going after Kenzi no matter what. And everyone's okay with that, because they love her too.  It turns out that Bo is going to have to go this one alone and Valhalla turns out to be a really fancy hotel.  When Freya, the head Valkyrie, mistakes Bo for an arriving florist, she takes advantage of the confusion to steal a maids costume and seek out Kenzi.

Meanwhile back in the real world, Lauren visits Tamsin and convinces her to go to Valhalla and help out, just as Bo finds Kenzi partaking in an insane amount of chocolate and luxury in the Hotel Valhalla amenities. Aside from eating whatever she wants and having room service wrapped around her finger, it turns out Kenzi is getting a phone call from a creepy mouth breather. Back in Dyson and Co.'s realm, they find out that the hell-shoes are actually capable of summoning a dark army that would end all life on earth. Bo doesn't know that part yet, but Lauren and Dyson have to figure out a way to warn her.

Back in Valhalla, Kenzi learns that the party she's been told she has to host in Valhalla is actually her wedding to Hale. This is when Bo asks the question about happiness that's been on Kenzi's mind: what if this is heaven? Kenzi decides to go through the with the wedding and bumps into Tamsin, who is extra bitchier than normal. Earlier we saw Tamsin (who, as a Valkyrie, can travel freely to Valhalla) answer some blue phone where a unidentified voice told her "Eyes both brown and blue, virtuous yet lustful, heart both strong and gentle, neither dark nor light, yet both. She is yours." In other words, she's ordered to go get Bo. Specifically, Bo's soul. So Tamsin chases Kenzi back to her hotel room. She's acting psycho and possessed and tries to kill Kenzi, but Bo arrives and snaps her out of it. Then Bo and Kenzi head to the wedding, weirdly unaffected by their friend trying to kill them. But this is Lost Girl, so we guess its just another day for them.

When Bo and Kenzi go into the wedding, things are interrupted by Freya, who sends Hale back to his afterlife (we just get to see Hale from afar, sadly). She drops the bomb that Kenzi was actually promised to a different afterrealm than Valhalla, once in which Bo's father rules supreme there. Bo makes a deal with Freya to take her instead, and Freya agrees.  Kenzi is sent back to Earth, while Bo is sent to a lower realm to meet the dude who'd been creepy calling Kenzi (as we learned earlier) and who ordered Tamsin to bring Bo's soul. Said dude is Bo's dad.

Kenzi, on the other hand, is sent to her body – which is in a casket buried in the ground! Tamsin learns from a bitchy Valkyrie (well, they are all kinda bitchy), Stacey, that the Valkyries require another soul that belongs to someone close to Bo since Kenzi is now gone; they need to retain balance. Uh-oh. Who will it be?

Meanwhile, Dyson and Lauren have teamed up to try to get to Valhalla to save Bo. Using a lock of Tamsin's hair they try to open a gate, but Lauren gets seemingly possessed by a Valkyrie spirit (her eyes go all black) and passes out, but not before learning Kenzi has been delivered back to Earth (i.e. buried alive).

Meanwhile, Bo finds herself on the way to the realm her daddy rules via Willy Wonka style elevator with multiple buttons.