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Episode Recap: Like Hell, Pt 2

Bo needs the help of an estranged family member, while Lauren and Kenzi must team up against a mysterious spirit.


Kenzi lives everyone's worst nightmare and wakes up in her own casket, but is dug up by Dyson and Lauren. With Kenzi out of her grave, they all set out to look for Bo though they have trouble agreeing on what's the next plan. Meanwhile, Bo finds herself at the start of a giant maze that she can only imagine leads her to her father as Lauren and Kenzi realize that there's someone in the doctor's lab with them. Someone who writes in steam on a glass pane, the word "help." Uh-oh.

Meanwhile, at the gates of Valhalla, Dyson runs into that mean Valkyrie, Stacy. She's here to pick up a quick soul close to Bo's heart, and Dyson tricks her into believing that he can help her.  Meanwhile, Bo runs across a pretty terrifying goblin deep within the maze, who bites her just as a lovely girl in a white dress turns up. Classic angel and devil on Bo's shoulder, teaching Bo that in order to survive the "walls of doubt," she has to figure out which one of them to listen to.  

Bo chooses the lovely bird-girl (who turns out to be bona fide Greek myth celebrity: Persephone!) and learns that she has to escape this after-realm before it finds a way of keeping her. Then they make out in order to heal the goblin bite and Lauren somehow feels it on the other side. And then the big bomb: Persephone is the wife of Hades – and that guy? The head bad guy of like a TON of myths? King of the Underworld? That guy is Bo's father, and it turns out that Bo was born in Hell.

All of this as Trick gives Kenzi a Ouija board so she can conjure Bo's spirit, as she thinks it's trying to contact them. Stacy and Dyson go to the Dal for a drink. Stacy considers taking Trick's soul back to Freya (remember, as we learned last episode, Kenzi coming back to Earth means someone else close to Bo must take her place in Hell, so Bo's grandfather makes sense). Dyson stops her with a lie and the promise of a real doozy of a soul – yep, Vex. When Tamsin arrives, Stacy makes off with Dyson's phone.  All this as Bo heads to the penthouse from hell (literally) to meet with her father. She finds it abandoned, but chooses to steal the candle that's keeping Persephone there. That's when a hand grabs her out of the elevator and Bo fights it off and escapes. She tries to take Persephone with her but Persephone says that this is the place that she's doomed to spend her last days. She asks Bo to light the candle for her so that Persephone's loved ones will know that she's still alive and ok.

As Kenzi and Lauren start a séance to bring Bo home, some spooky stuff goes down with candles, because it turns out Lauren disturbed a new spirit when she was digging up Kenzi. Bo is on her way out of the after-realm and finds Dyson holding open the gates of Valhalla (remember he and Lauren found said gates last episode before they went off to unbury Kenzi). They share a nice moment about always being there for each other.

Stacy arrives to feast on Lauren and take her soul back to Valhalla, but Tamsin interrupts them. They make fun of each other's hair and Stacy storms out. The team has a nice dinner, Lauren and Bo sneak off to the wine cellar where they're attacked by a Japanese water demon fae (!!) and saved by Kenzi, who it turns out has decided to leave the world of Fae for a while and be her own human.

Finally, as Bo lights the candle she stole from Hades, a woman getting into an elevator realizes that something has awakened. Stay tuned, folks.