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Episode Recap: When God Opens a Window

Bo and Tamsin disagree over a young Fae who needs help, and whose real story is a game changer.


After an evening at the bar, Tamsin has company. Tad. Or someone. It doesn't ever really matter to Tamsin, but the good news for Bo is that these roommates share just about everything. Meanwhile, across town, a handsome youth is escaping from something or someone when he meets an attractive lady on a bus. That attractive lady is shot and killed with an arrow pretty soon after that, and it appears this kind of thing happens to this kid a lot. His name is Mark. And he's clearly trouble.

When Mark finds Bo's Detective Service, he immediately asks them to find out who's trying to kill him. And there's something about him that Bo just can't quite place, but she's willing to help, despite Tamsin's objections that they can't take in every stray that comes through their door. Overhearing them, Mark leaves. And that's when the girls discover that Mark has robbed them.

Meanwhile, across town, Lauren drops in to see The Morrigan, who is now human, fabulously wealthy, and still quite mean. The two discuss Lauren's lab, which The Morrigan is now paying to add some security to (she also wants her serum pretty badly). Bo and Tamsin go after Mark and as they catch up to him, he warns them that whoever is chasing him is not far behind. They don't heed this warning and Bo is shot with an arrow in the shoulder.

Worse than that? This is a shoulder wound that will not heal. Call in Doctor Lauren, who discovers that what Bo has living in her shoulder is basically Fae kryptonite, a living mineral that keeps re-splitting the wound.

At the Dal, Trick meets with two pretty bad dudes who come looking for cash, and is saved by Vex, who's here with a purpose – to warn the team that three dead humans have turned up and it seems Fae related. But Dyson isn't buying it; he's never trusted Vex and plays the Massimo card, despite Vex's emotional monologue about Massimo being his closest thing to a son.  

Bo and Tamsin go off to find Mark again, and realize that he's probably a fae who hasn't quite figured out his powers. When Bo's shoulder keeps splitting, Mark makes out with her and she realizes there's something very special about him. When the hunter shows up, it turns out that Bo, Mark, Tamsin, and Lauren have lead him into a trap. He's captured when Lauren shoots everyone with tranquilizer darts.

As Lauren, Dyson, and Vex figure out that the three dead humans are probably the result of a fae cult, Bo and Mark fool around and then, like clockwork, he steals some of her stuff and heads off into the night. Bo warns Dyson that Mark is probably going to kill the hunter and he rushes back to the lab to save everyone. Meanwhile, we get another glimpse of that freaky blonde woman we've been seeing around. This time, she seems to be drinking the blood of some guy on her couch.

Long story short, when Dyson finds Mark and the girls, he reveals what he's been suspecting for a while – that Mark is his son. Mark doesn't want family, because that has only ever caused him pain, but in a final act of protection, Dyson kills the hunter as Mark goes missing one last time. Bo is noticeably freaked out by the fact that she slept with Dyson's son.  Things return sort of back to normal (well, normal enough. This is Lost Girl), but there are lots of lingering questions. Namely, who the hell is that blond woman we've been seeing for the last few episodes?