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Exclusive Q&A With Lost Girl's Anna Silk

Anna Silk, the head Fae in charge, answers 25 random questions.


Get to know Anna Silk, the head Fae in charge, a little better.

  1. Favorite book of all time: To this day it is still The Life of Pi
  2. Dream job (besides acting): I would love to be in the alternative health care field.
  3. TV Show I'm sort of ashamed to admit I watch but will anyway: I used to watch a lot of America's Next Top Model.
  4. Biggest fear: I have too many to narrow it down to one!
  5. Most embarrassing moment ever (and yes, we're asking you to share it): I recently introduced myself to someone I have known for a few years.  He was out of context but it was really embarrassing.
  6. Nickname? Silk. My husband calls me Silk rather than Anna 99% of the time.
  7. Dance move you are really good at: I am good at every move when I am dancing during a happy occasion.The energy around you makes you feel like you are a great dancer.
  8. Proudest moment: When my son was born.
  9. Which Smurf are you? (Brainy Smurf, Vanity Smurf, etc) hmmm...I don't remember then all!  Maybe a cross between Smurfette and Papa Smurf.
  10. What was your most ORIGINAL Halloween costume: I always wanted to look sexy on Halloween so I don't know about original--but my most fun was my fetish cop uniform while my husband was a prisoner. A little boring maybe but we had a blast! And believe it or not there was a time when I bartended in that uniform!
  11. Was there a particular movie/tv show (or role within) that made you want to become an actor? I was always drawn to strong female characters and wanted to be an actor from a young age. When I saw the pilot to Alias, I saw a whole new level of female hero!  I loved the intensity of that character.
  12. What non-life threatening disease would make a good name for a child? I have absolutely no idea!
  13. What's your porn name? (It's the name of your first pet and the name of the street you grew up on combined): Mungo Jerry Aberdeen
  14. Where is the last place in the world you'd want to run into Ryan Seacrest? A Turkish bath.
  15. Which Muppet would you want to be eaten by and which would you want to hang out with? Eaten by Cookie Monster and hang out with Kermit.
  16. If you met Bea Arthur, what would you reaction be – joy, terror or both? Joy
  17. Which sitcom house would you want to live in and why? The Family Ties house.  I loved that show!
  18. What's a hidden or quirky talent you have (i.e. typing with your toes, etc): I have an incredible sense of smell--I can smell things about 5 minutes before everyone else.
  19. What's your biggest pet peeve? People cutting their nails in public.
  20. What movie do you think is really overrated? I can't think of an overrated one but I can think of an underrated one--Cake and Jennifer Aniston's performance!  It was a beautiful and heartbreaking story.
  21. What Disney Princess do you think is secretly a real bitch? Maybe Cinderella--her sisters must rub off on her a little.
  22. Celebrity best friend in your head? JLo
  23. If you were born the opposite sex, what was your name going to be (if you don't know, what would you WANT it to be)? Jacob
  24. What time do you usually wake up in the morning? About 6:30
  25. What's a song (and artist) you can listen to six times in a row and never get sick of? Alicia Keys