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If the Cast of Lost Girl Were Played By Famous Cats

Bo turns into a cat, so we’re giving the rest of the Lost Girl cast a feline makeover.


Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last five years you may have seen a personality quiz (or a thousand) buzzing around the Internet: “Are you Superman or Batman?”,  “Would you be more of a Charlotte than a Carrie at a Jimmy Choo sample sale?” - and now it’s our turn. Since Bo’s going all feline on us and turning into a cat in this week’s episode of Lost Girl (yes you actually read that statement correctly. Read it again if you need), we’ve decided to re-cast the rest of the team as famous cats.

  1. Bo/Catwoman


    OK, so Catwoman is not technically a cat. But they share a lot of characteristics – both inexplicably have ninja like abilities, both are fiercely protective of those they love, both are willing to bend the law in the spirit of what's right, both are extremely good at the "will they or won't they game" (Catwoman with Batman, Bo with Dyson, Lauren, Tamsin…really everyone). Also, we're sure Bo's good with a whip, but we haven't seen that yet.
  2. Dyson/Panther


    Dyson's mysterious, stealthy and powerful. The strong, silent type – just like Tygra from Thundercats. Granted, Dyson can't turn invisible, doesn't use a whip and we haven't yet seen him in aerobics leggings but the mix of toughness and sensitivity has us casting him as Tygra.
  3. Kenzi/Si and Am from Lady and the Tramp


    Despite the two cats from Lady and the Tramp being pretty blatant stereotypes, they are still pretty entertaining. Lithe, bitchy, into creature comforts, filled with clever one liners – sort of like Kenzi, no?
  4. Lauren/Grumpy Cat


    Lauren’s not exactly grumpy but there’s something in her smug expressions that say “I disapprove”. Lauren and Grumpy Cat are thoughtful, quiet and always judging you - always. 
  5. Trick/Salem Saberhagen from Sabrina the Teenage Witch


    Trick, like Salem, knows everything about everything. He’s wise beyond his years - all thousands of them. He advises Bo et. al, as Salem did for Sabrina and Co., on everything from Fae legends and peace treaties to interesting cocktail recommendations.  

  6. Tamsin/Grizabella from the musical Cats


    Like Grizabella, Tamsin is on her last life, she’s lost some of her sheen and just wants to be accepted, namely by Bo. Now that she’s left her Valkyrie tribe, Tamsin's trying to figure out where she belongs in the Fae world. On a side note, do you think that if Grizabella took a bath, she'd have more friends? Like, "Memory" is basically about asking people to touch her, which maybe they aren't because she smells.

    Anyway, you've gotta see Bo start to turn into a cat because this thing actually happens on the May 15th episode of Lost Girl.