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Look What Bo Can Do!

Bo knows how to suck chi, rock climb, paint, drive blind and a few other things!


In addition to being a succubus who takes down the bad guys like it’s no big deal, Bo also has a multitude of other talents that include rock climbing and driving blind - just to name a few. As we prepare to bid Season 5 adieu (temporarily! The show's just taking a breather after the June 4th episode and will finish the season at a later date) take a look at all the other neat things that Bo knows how to do.

  1. Bo knows… rock climbing!


    As evidenced at the beginning of the season when she hitched it up to the top of a mountain to retrieve the special shoes to gain entrance into Valhalla.
  2. Bo knows... housekeeping


    When her best friend is being held captive in Hell, Bo doesn't call in the clean up crew - she gets the job done herself.
  3. Bo knows… painting


    On her night off, our Jacky of all Faes decided to add a pop of color to her apartment.
  4. Bo knows… massage therapy


    Dress up as a Fae-esque Geisha to get intel from the enemy? No problem.
  5. Bo knows…martial arts


    Bo unleashes a can of whoop ass on a fraud Japanese warrior's henchmen.
  6. Bo knows… how to drive blind


    When the going gets rough and Bo starts to turn into a cat (more on that here) she has to rely on instinct and drive blind. Literally.
  7. Bo knows… cheerleading


    Tamsin and Bo enter the world of college football to find a murderer and Bo gets really into character - clip board and all.

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