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Most Likely To Suck Chi

As Tamsin heads back to Valkyrie High on tonight's episode of Lost Girl at 10/9c, we decided to play a game of superlatives.


As Tamsin heads back to Valkyrie High on tonight's episode of Lost Girl at 10/9c, we decided to play a game of superlatives with the rest of the cast. Here are our best guesses as to what the gang will be doing once they graduate from the world of Fae.   
Most likely to join the circus …or the army.


* We could totally see our girl being all that she can be under the big top - step aside bearded lady, there's a new girl in town - or on the front lines serving our country. She's versatile, useful and protective like that.

Most likely to move to the Lower East Side of Manhattan

* Kenzi's cool as hell but she also likes nice things, which makes her a bit too chic for hipsterville Williamsburg (Brooklyn) and too punk for the Upper East Side. We envision many a bar crawl through eclectic haunts on the LES in her future.  

Most likely to become a grief counselor  

* Of all the Faes, Dyson is the one who's always trying to shield and - in his own way - comfort the group in the face of heartache. And now that he's a dad and his paternal instincts have kicked, we believe Dyson would be a good dude for younger Light Fae Wolf-Shifters to look up to.

Most likely to work with Doctors Without Borders

* This one is kind of a no-brainer. Lauren loves medicine, modern science and helping to patch up her Fae friends. It kind of goes without saying that any future Lauren would have beyond Fae will be on the "do-gooder" side of the fence.  

Most likely to be a finalist on MasterChef

*  There's something about his never ending wealth of knowledge about all things Fae, including a 1,000 year old cocktail recipe, that inclines us to think that Trick, The Blood King, could really hold his own in the kitchen; making Chef Ramsay damn proud. Plus, he's already got the pose down pat.

Most likely to play Bobby Brown in a movie

* Hale does what he wants to do. It's his prerogative. Had his life not met such a tragic end in Season 4, Hale could have put his Siren talents and subtle swagger to good use playing controversial R&B bad boys in made for TV movies.  

Most likely to be on a reality tv show

* Whether it's drink tossing, wig pulling or physical challenges, Tamsin's got personality and the snarky one-liners for days - everything that spells reality TV g.o.l.d.