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See the Lost Girl Family Tree

Faes. They're just like us and that includes having a bizarre family.


Faes. They're just like us and that includes having bizarre family ties. In commemoration *tear* of the end of Lost Girl, here's a look at the who's who of Bo's immediately family. Share Lost Girl's strange love on Facebook and Twitter!


All in the family (from left to right): 
  • Hera: Zeus' lover
  • Zeus: Bo's aunt and Hades' bother
  • Iris (The Nix): Bo's cousin, Hades' neice, Zeus and Hera's daughter
  • Persephone: Zeus' daughter, Bo's one-time lover, Bo's cousin and stopmom, Hades' former prisoner
  • Tamsin: Bo's ex-lover, had Hades' baby, Bo's psuedo stepmom
  • Dagny: Bo's half sister, Hade's daughter, Tamsin's daughter
  • Hades: Bo's evil dad
  • Bo: Head Fae in charge
  • Aife: Bo's mom, Hades' former prisoner, Trick/Isabeu's daughter
  • Trick: Bo's grandpa
  • Isabeu: Bo's grandma