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The Wiz Gets The Lost Girl Treatment

A Lost Girl + The Wiz mashup? There's a blog for that.


If you saw last night's episode of Lost Girl, you probably realize the theme was loosely (read: totally) inspired by The Wizard of Oz. And speaking of the obvious, we decided to go one step further and compare the episode with another set of characters who took the story of The Wizard of Oz and made it their own. Yep, we're talking about The Wiz, ya’ll. #easeondown



The Searchers: Bo and Diana Ross travel the red and yellow brick roads respectively in search of answers about life and where they belong. It's a metaphor, guys.

The Gatekeepers: The Maestro and The Wiz. In Lost Girl's version of events, Bo is both the seeker and the beholder, meaning she's on a journey and has lots of quesitons, and she ultimately finds that the answers were within her the entire time. And that's how you draw a full circle.

Tamsin/Thomasina/Miss One/The Tin Man:


The Guiding Lights: Thomasina and Miss One. While Thomasina is reluctant to help Bo at first, she gets into the swing of things, helping to guide Bo along the right path (A.K.A. the red brick road). Total Miss One move. All that was missing was Thomasina breaking out into song:

Miss One Tells Dorothy about The Wiz


The Hardknocks: Along the red brick road, Thomasina admits that she's always had trouble feeling things. And thus a subtle nod to the Tin Man side of her character.

Dyson/Sgt. Major Nosid of Operation Pyrapus/Fleetwood Coupe de Ville


The Less Than Braves: Sgt. Nosid's bark and Fleetwood Coupe de Ville (say that five times fast - go!) roar are far worse than their bites. They've got heart and ambition to boot, just no idea how to use either. Bummer.



The Less Than Smarts: Mystery solved. Guys, the scarecrow was a stoner! Makes so much sense, now. Thanks Lost Girl, writers!

Vex/Two Face/The Subway Peddler

The Creepies: We're not sure which one was creepier, Vex as the weird two-face hall of mirrors villain or the wordless Subway Peddler. Both characters who stood in the way of Bo/Dorothy's journey freaked us out.

Kenzi/Head Winkie


The Distractions: On the way to finding out that she's the true Maestro, Bo discovered a distraction in the form of Kenzi - dressed in white and also black, rocking smokey eyes, bed head and looking evil. Like one of Evilene's Winkies, Kenzi was under the influence of a dark (yet fascinating to look at) spirit.

Just for s&g here's Evilene being really good at being bad.