Lost Girl News

See the Lost Girl Family Tree

Mar 22 - 12:00pm

Faes. They're just like us and that includes having a bizarre family.

Every. Lost. Girl. Hook. Up. Ever.

Mar 21 - 10:58am

Seriously. Don't act like you've never thought of this before.

The Wiz Gets The Lost Girl Treatment

Mar 8 - 7:00am

A Lost Girl + The Wiz mashup? There's a blog for that.

Lost Girl #SquadGoals

Feb 15 - 7:00am

Basically, TSwift doesn't stand a chance against our Lost Girl squad.

Most Likely To Suck Chi

Feb 15 - 7:00am

As Tamsin heads back to Valkyrie High on tonight's episode of Lost Girl at 10/9c, we decided to play a game of superlatives.

5 Things You Need to Know Before the Final Season of Lost Girl

Feb 1 - 7:00am

The final season of Lost Girl starts tonight at 10/9c so that means it's catch up time!

Take the Lost Girl Personality Quiz

Jan 22 - 7:00am

Take our quiz to find out which Fae or cool ass human friend of Fae you are.

Bo or Lauren?: Choose Your "Lost Girl" Girlfriend

Nov 30 - 5:11pm

We get it. It's hard to choose between Lauren and Bo as they are equal parts awesome. So take this quiz to get some clarity on the matter.