Lost Girl Episodes



Bo's got a lot on her mind. She isn't sure that she can keep Lachlan's venom viable …and she's not sure that she can defeat The Garuda either. But before she can fall into self pity, Bo receives a distress call from Trick.


At Ciara's wake, Bo cuts through any fear she may have had regarding the Garuda, her heritage, or her life. Suspecting her blood has the power to enthrall people, she confronts Trick about her parentage.


Trick calls Bo in to the Dal to tell her that, as harbingers of the Garuda's approach, animals all over town are behaving strangely. A creepy mole-like creature in Trick's service interrupts them to report on the Garuda's whereabouts.


Lachlyn enlists Bo's help eliminating The Glave, a high-ranking Light Fae official. Though she refuses to be an executioner, she and Kenzi agree to go to an event hosted by her in order to form their own opinion.


Bo needs toheal, and the only person she can call is Ryan. Their sessions are always passionate, but something's different about Ryan's afterglow this time. Not in the mood for sweet nothings, Bo kicks his cuddly ass to the curb.


An under Fae called a cherufe killed the heads of two of the Fae noble families and, certain that the cherufe will go after the third and final head - who also happens to be Hale's father, Sturgess - The Ash asks Bo to issue a warning and use the development as currency to align the noble...


When a girl at a local high school sprouts a bunch of extra IQ points, then collapses in the middle of her English lit class, Dyson realizes that something Fae is afoot and asks Bo and Kenzi to join him undercover.


Kenzi's back from tour with Nate, and Bo wastes no time making a lunch date with them and her new boy toy, Ryan, so everybody can get to know each other. But first, Bo and Kenzi have to look into the strange case of a twenty-something backpacker named Cole who died of old age.


The Ash sends Bo to capture a Jinn who holds the secrets to defeating a powerful enemy. To accomplish her mission, she'll need help from a dashing Fae trickster.


Bo is furious when Lauren, leaving for a vacation with Nadia, tells her that she's renewed her vow of fealty to The Ash in gratitude for saving her girlfriend's life. In payment for his deceit and manipulation, Bo decides to invade The Ash's compound and give him a good whuppin'.