Lost Girl Episodes



Bo wants to save Dyson, but she has to heal Tamsin first.


It's Hale's inauguration day as Ash, but Bo's worried about where Lauren is and why she left her cell phone at her apartment. Bo uses the party as a platform to talk to Hale about the situation.


When a teenage girl comes to Bo and Kenzi looking for help finding the cause of the mysterious disappearances of several adults in the neighborhood where she babysits, the hotties can't resist donning their old detective hats and heading to suburbia for an old-fashioned killer hunt.


Bo is feeling fantastic since the dawning, with a whole new life opening up before her with her newfound control of her powers. So when Dyson approaches her and Kenzi, asking them to pose as a counselor at a camp for juvenile delinquents and a delinquent, respectively, she jumps in, head first...


At Bo's Dawning ceremony, Trick paints a sacred symbol on Bo's forehead to symbolize the portal through which she will cross.


Bo's Dawning trainer, Stella, is making Bo chase the cricket of good fortune, but when she fails, Stella gives her the day off.


The Dawning is almost upon Bo, and to help her prepare for it, Trick has Stella, an expert in the field, consult Bo. Stella knows immediately that Bo is held back by an event in her past - the night when she made her first kill and her mother called her evil and threw her out of the house.


After observing Kenzi's clingy behavior for some time, culminating in Kenzi eating peanut sauce (which Bo knows Kenzi is allergic to), Bo realizes something is afoot. Bo storms into the Dal with Kenzi as a captive, saying that it's not her friend, but a Fae impostor.


Lauren makes a concession to Bo's inhuman appetite: She can pick up other Fae in order to satisfy her hunger, as long as there's no wolves on the menu.


Feeding offof Lauren, alone, is leaving Bo weak with hunger, but she finds a way to ignore her ever-growing appetite when Dyson offers her a gig going undercover as a therapist at a holistic healing center.