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Episode Recap: Greywing

Lommie’s talents come in handy for D’Branin. Rowan and Tessia develop a theory about alien life.


D’Branin and Rowan are going through what remains of the space probe – sorting
through the organic matter they found before that matches with D’Branin. What is this, is it from the Volcryn, and what is it trying to tell them?

Lommie tells the others that she wants to go into the system and trap Cynthia Eris. The
consciousness of the captain’s mother is trying to kill them and the firewalls are failing.
Captain Eris suggests Lommie go into the memory sphere, and she projects a memory
of having to break her father’s hand with a hammer because they broke a tech law in
their community. Lommie emerges, committed to trapping Cynthia in the ship’s network.

Thale is bored in his isolation room and decides to have some fun with the team by
faking an injury. Matheson shows up and straightens everybody out – the telepath was
playing mind games. Also in the sick ward: Murphy, recovering from his burns. He tells
Thale that he thinks he is a waste – having this incredible power and never using it for
good. Which gives Matheson an idea…. Maybe Thale can help with Lommie’s plan, by
using his telepathic mind to join her and provide backup.
Rowan has been examining the probe’s cells and heads to the greenhouse to discuss it with Tessia.

Lommie goes into the system and enters a mansion. A construct that Cynthia has
created for her consciousness. It’s the house she grew up in, and a young child version of Cynthia – along with an older version – inhabit the house together. And they are both afraid of the shouting man within, Cynthia’s abusive father. In the house they attack Lommie and play tricks on her and trap her, and Cynthia is able to escape the firewall.

Matheson and D’Branin have been growing closer during the mission. A Cynthia-
created malfunction cuts the oxygen to his room, and Matheson senses that he is in
danger. She runs to his quarters and is part of the team that breaks down the door and
revives him.

Lommie is still in the house, and she has a plan. Both young and old Cynthia are clearly afraid of the banging upstairs in the house. She realizes that there is fear in there, and uses Cynthia’s abusive father to trap her in the system and stop her from attacking everyone on the ship. Lommie then emerges back on the ship, with Thale’s help, successful but shaken.

D’Branin sends a message to his wife, giving her permission to release all memories of
him. And pretty soon, he and Matheson find comfort in each other’s embrace. Thale
heads to the medical wing and uses his telepathic powers to bring calm and peace to a recovering Murphy. And Lommie tells Jhirl to leave her alone – secrets that she learned are driving them apart.

And back in the greenhouse, Rowan and Tessia are looking at those cells. Could they
be communicating across great distances? Galaxies, for example? And if so, are they
communicating something to the human race? Or sending messages back to the

Oh, and Auggie? He’s got a secret. Apparently he is obsessed with Cynthia.