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Episode Recap: Icarus

D'Branin pushes ahead with his plan. Rowan processes his grief. Agatha finds a way to help.


Rowan is mourning the loss of his stillborn daughter, Skye, and the death of Tessia. He buries a toy meant for her in a grave in the greenhouse biosphere and it's swarmed by bees. Tessia? And Jhirl really wants to find out what's going on with Captain Eris, but she is sick of his lies. And the Nightflyer is nearing the Volcryn ship.

Lommie, (but like, Cynthia in Lommie's body) summons Auggie. She wants to stop the Nightflyer from reaching the Volcryn. And all that as Rowan surprises Matheson in her cabin. He is going through her papers, and offers her some dripping honeycomb to eat in a super creepy way. Seems like he is going a bit insane from grief.

D'Branin asks Thale to attempt contact with the Volcryn. He and Jhirl strap him in and he gives it a shot – just after Rowan stops by for a creepy visit to wish them good luck. Then, he connects to the Volcryn and has an intense experience. Thale says that it's a single being, death and rebirth and a thousand worlds, and it's waiting for them.

Matheson is now able to astral project, and she reaches out to Thale. She talks to him after his experience and tells him he is becoming something new. They agree that with them both on the ship, the visions are debilitating and they can no longer be near each other. Then Matheson visits with Matheson and shows him her new ability and kisses him, telling him she loves him.

Lommie/Cynthia has convinced Auggie to sabotage the dome. She says it's Captain Eris's favorite. It starts to collapse and explode. And at the same time, Rowan has started chasing Matheson around the ship with an axe. And then the ship loses gravity. Matheson grabs a recording device and hides from Rowan, who is whistling while he searches for her. It's pretty hideous and where we started in the series premiere.

Matheson fights off Rowan and releases the warning not to board or attempt to save the Nightflyer. Then she sacrifices herself, telling Thale that he is free now. D'Branin finds her – she has sacrificed herself for the good of the ship and to save D'Branin and Thale and everyone else.

As the ship is in crisis and in lockdown, Rowan continues his insane, predatory walk around the ship, swinging his axe at anyone who happens by. He goes to the ship's bridge and hacks apart Captain Eris. As guards lead him away at gunpoint, Jhirl walks over to Eris' body. Blood and wires are mixed, and it appears he is, in fact, a robot. She looks out the window on the bridge, and the Volcryn are there.