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Episode Recap: Rebirth

A new threat challenges ship protocol. Mel notices changes in the crew. Lommie returns to Greywing.


Nightflyers picks back up right where we left off. Tessia and Roman are in the midst of mourning the loss of their stillborn daughter when the baby disintegrates in Tessia's arms. A quarantine is quickly called on the medical ward, and Tessia, Captain Eris and Doctor Tobis are all trapped in the room together. With the sadly disfigured half-baby.

The team rallies and is determined to run tests together and find out what caused the horrific event. Jhirl, Rowan and D'Branin are all on the other side of the door and vow to run tests until they found out what exactly is going on. Jhirl also pulls in Lommie to help, who needs a break for her obsessive escapes into the ship's computer system.

Tessia and Rowan, working together with a glass door between them, determine that the baby's death was a kind of germination and release of airborne spores. They decide to test the lungs of those in quarantine.

Thale and Matheson are having extreme telepathic events and reactions as the Volcryn ship nears the Nightflyer, and jumping into separate ice baths to numb the experiences they are sensing. And D'Branin is obsessively communicating with his dead daughter in the memory sphere.

Back in quarantine, Rowan sends through what he believes to be an antidote. Tobis is not doing well, so she is given a dose. But it doesn't appear to work, and pretty soon she is releasing a long stream of spores out of her mouth.

Tessia thinks that she and Captain Eris may be next, and they need to be prepared to shut down all life in their room in order to stop total contamination of the ship. As the virus spreads, Tessia knows they have to kill all organic life forms in the room. Matheson enters the area and senses what Tessia wants – to stop the spores from infecting the entire ship. Decontamination is triggered and kill all organic material in the room. The smoke clears, and Captain Eris is still standing. What? Turns out, Captain Hologram turned Captain In-Person is actually Captain Robot. Holy cow. And apparently this is a surprise to everyone – including him.

Where's Lommie been? Just lured into her own firewalls by computer-system-Cynthia. And the sentient consciousness with bad, bad plans seems to be on her way out of computer jail. It's time to be reunited with her love, Auggie, and wreak some more havoc on the Nightflyer.