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Episode Recap: Torches and Pitchforks

D’Branin puts his team first as panic spreads. Eris resorts to bold measures to restore balance.


D'Branin saves Murphy from the fire in the internal pathways of the ship, and Murphy is rushed to a medical room for treatment. Thane remains at large – missing somewhere within the ship. And Lommie finds him in her quarters, looking for info on how best to sneak around the Nightflyer unseen. He blackmails her with an incriminating flashback from her past, and she tells him which tunnels don't have cameras and have access to the ship's domes.

Lommie talks to Melantha Jhirl about her terrifying experience in the ship's console. She felt a power of some kind and a rage. Mel tells her she has got to get back to her work. At the same time, Matheson thinks she knows where Thale is and heads to the garden dome with D'Branin to talk to him. But crew that are outraged by the telepath being on board chase him down and their leader in outrage, Hartley Suczek, knocks out D'Branin. They go after Thale, but he plays a few mind games on them and manages to get a gun and get away.

D'Branin confronts Captain Eris, who wants Thale subdued – even killed, if needed. But D'Branin and his team believe him to be innocent. Angry crew member Suczek takes one of his men and heads to a technical lab, where they ask for a spider bot to be outfitted with lethal lasers. That's the new plan to stop Thale, and boy it sure seems like a terrible idea… Back in the nature dome, Thale start a conversation with a woman who is a mass of bees. The bees fly away, and they keep chatting. Who is this?

D'Branin has another creepy appearance of his dead daughter in the ship's halls. He heads to Rowan to discuss. He doesn't trust Eris and the ship, and he knows they need to get close to the Volcryn ship (the alien beings they are trying to reach). They decide to send a probe just in case – a back-up plan.

Matheson and D'Branin talk a nurse into allowing them to pull a healing but still massively injured and heavily medicated Murphy into the memory pod. They want to see just what happened that caused the fire that injured him. Was it a ship malfunction, or was it Thale? Lommie is in on the scheme, and when Eris' number two, Auggie, busts her trying to take the system offline he helps her cut some corners instead of ratting her out. Murphy goes into the pod and it shows that the fire was started by Thale intentionally harming him. No malfunction.

Melantha Jhirl asks the captain to talk to her, and tells Eris he needs to talk to D'Branin and stop withholding information. He apparently agrees and is soon talking to him. D'Branin tells him that the memories showed Thale attacking Murphy. They agree to keep it under wraps so as not to spook the crew, and to get Thale back to his isolation dome and safety. And soon Eris is telling him a bit more… Turns out there is something else going on. Eris shares that something in the ship is working against him, and he is trying to get it under control. He asks for time and patience.

Oh, and laser-equipped spider bot? Yeah, that's on the loose now. And killing people.