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Life After Paranormals: Season 1, Episode 1

Laurel Poremski speaks about life after "Emily the Imaginary Friend."


After the terrifying events that drove them from their home on August 17, 2010, the Poremski family is slowly restoring their lives one day at a time. Here, Laurel Poremski speaks about life after "Emily the Imaginary Friend."

How has Isabella adjusted since Emily's haunting?
She's happy. She's a very content. I was worried about how she'd adjust when we moved into our new house but as soon as she walked in she said, "Mommy, this is a blessed house. Emily's not here." Within five minutes of being here I was already seeing my daughter transform into a very active normal 5 year old little girl. A lot of people think and say, "They're so young they don't remember when things like that [paranormal] happen.'" But she does. She does remember. Sometime's she'll say, "Mommy are we going to talk about Emily again?" and I say, "No we're not. We're just going to say goodbye." Despite it all, life is much better a year later.

Do you worry about the return of Emily's spirit?
Yes we do. It's a frightening thought we live with because you never know where it came from or what caused it.

What would you do if Emily's spirit ever returned?
If my daughter ever started acting the same way I would do something about it sooner. I know you can't run from every situation, but I lived in that home for two years under distress and I could have died. My husband could be in prison for life. I could have been labeled a battered wife and my husband a murder and where would Isabella be?

What exactly did the medium find when she investigated your home?
When the team came in they said they actually saw three spirits and that one of them was a man who had manifested himself to be a child. They said they crossed them over, but after they left it seemed like things only got worse. We never found out where they came from, or how many more there could have been but whatever was in that house was horrible, dark and evil and did not want us to be happy.

If you could turn back the hands of time, how would you have handled the spirits differently?
I would have believed my daughter sooner. I would have at any cost gotten out of the home—fast… But who's educated on ghosts? Spirits? You think you're crazy or that it's going to go away. You never think it's going to get so terrifying that you're getting chocked out or that your daughter is going to go out the window. So we didn't know what were dealing with, but I if we did we would have gotten out right away.

Do you believe in the paranormal now or do you think Emily and the others were just fluke occurrences?
I do believe in the paranormal now. I thought it was all hocus-pocus and I never got interested in anything like that. Now I am a believer. How could I not be after I lived through it? I do believe there are a lot of people who make up stories. There's a lot of people who want to get rich over night but I do believe in the paranormal because I lived through the experience. Do I walk around looking for it? No. It's not like that but my mind has opened up to the paranormal.

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