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Life After Paranormals: Season 1, Episode 2 (Part 2)

Kenny Downs recalls his UFO sighting nearly twenty years after the events of "Kentucky UFO Chase."


Kenny Downs recalls his UFO sighting nearly twenty years after the events of "Kentucky UFO Chase."

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Based on your experience, do you believe in UFOs?
That's tough, because you're asking me to go back to when it happened, and that was 18, 19 years ago. But yes, I believe in UFOs.

Can you describe the object you saw in the sky?
It was round, kind of egg-shaped and it looked like it was a bright light, just a light, real bright, and it was traveling at great speed. Me and Kenny [Graham] differ on the circumference--he says it was the size of a basketball but I think it was about six-foot round.  But I was fairly new to the helicopter unit and seeing things from that perspective, but it was pretty far away--the same as when you see a car from far away, it looks small.

Were you afraid?
No, I wasn't afraid. Kenny was a little, though.

Even when it was shooting fireballs at you?
It didn't shoot at us, it shot phasers outwards. But not at us. It actually went away from us. The whole thing lasted about two minutes or so.

Did you ask Kenny if this was a common sight for officers in the helicopter unit?
No, he had never seen anything like this before. There were officers on the ground who saw it, too.

Did you tell anybody about what happened?
We didn't tell anyone for three or four days. Matter of fact, we didn't tell anyone till someone leaked it to the media. It was someone who wasn't there. The media went crazy, but we kind of took it with a grain of salt. We thought the military would call and say they were experimenting or something, but they never did. The department knew we were honest guys--we took a ribbing but they said if you guys saw something it must have been there.

Do you ever get an eerie feeling about it all, like you're on some kind of alien radar?
Oh, no--it's been 19 years and I even forget about it sometimes. I go to lunch with friends most days, and it came up a few months ago. I told the guys--look it up on the Internet, all the information is there.