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Life After Paranormals: Season 1, Episode 4

Casey Moore speaks about her experiences in "The Haunting of Mansfield Mansion."

The Moore family moved into what they thought was a beautiful and serene mansion, yet they quickly learned that the shadows along the walls and sudden footsteps were no coincidences. Here, Casey Moore speaks about her experiences and how she's learned to make peace with paranormals upon the aftermath of "The Haunting of Mansfield Mansion."

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Your mother-in-law still lives in the house. Where do you live?
We live with her. It does still freak me out sometimes, like when I hear voices or footsteps.  There's also this one figure that's scary--he's a large male figure, just looks like a solid block. I've also heard voices—I woke up once hearing one calling my name. But still and all, we've pretty much gotten used to it.

Do you ever have people wanting to come over?
Yes, all our friends want to come over and see what they can find. But some won't go to certain spots, like the basement or the third floor. My Mom has some kind of paranormal app on her iPhone, where dots show paranormal activity, and there were tons of dots. Also when she brought the phone into the basement that had been a crematorium, the word "Fire" came up.

Do you ever use a Ouija board to try and make contact?
No, I stay away from those things. We had people come and investigate the house--they did radio recordings and took pictures, voice capturing, that kind of thing.  Every time they would come out they'd put us in a hotel room because they were afraid of what might happen. Supposedly one of the guys had a pentagram burned into his leg when he was in the basement, but I'm not sure I believe that!

How does your son handle all the visitors?
He's two, so he pretty much goes with the flow.