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Life After Paranormals: Season 3, Episode 1

After confronting a demonic force in her home on Long Island, Jeanette Meyran talks about the experience of "The Long Island Terror."

By Bryan Enk

After confronting a demonic force in her home on Long Island, Jeanette Meyran talks about the experience of "The Long Island Terror."

When you bought the property, had you heard any stories or rumors about the house? What did you think of the house when you first bought it?
It was creepy. It just had a bad feeling, only because it was run down and everything was overgrown and that type of thing. It didn't exactly look like home sweet home. The woman who owned it, she was a widow. She explained that the husband was a second marriage, and he was like eighty-something years old, so I kind of understand why things were, you know, in the condition that they were in. But it was a little bungalow and it really needed a lot of work. You imagine a bulldozer is really what it needed.  But it had an acre of land, and that's what appealed to me because that's unique on Long Island.  You don't find that kind of property, really.

On the night where your daughters first heard the thumping, were you able to hear anything in the part of the house you were in?
Oh yes…without a doubt. It made itself very obvious at that point… I think in the beginning when you speak to anyone who's had these experiences, you kind of scratch your head and go "Eh, was it me? Or am I hearing things or it's nothing?" You know, whether you're afraid or not, you kind of just wish it in the back of your mind - you know something is not right. And considering the tragedy and the things that went on in our lives – I hate to say it, you kind of get used to getting beat up… this is one more thing without really knowing what you're in for.

The first time you heard the thumping, did you have any guesses as to what you thought the sounds might be?
First – the house is settling. Maybe it's an animal. We're in the country. Things like that. But, I just knew. I just knew that it was something… out of this world, and I was really afraid to find out what it was. You want to get rid of it, but in order to get rid of it, you got to find out what it is, and at that point I wasn't willing to do that.  

What was your first thought when you saw the pentagram in the floor?
My first thought was, "I made a mistake." It just represented evil to me. I've never really come across anything like that, but it just represented something evil, you know? And I was not comfortable at all.

Were there any specifics in the journals to explain what types of rituals or beliefs Christina's family had?
They were just really sick. Sick in the head. What they did with animals. I just said, "Oh my God." I'll tell you, I was so frightened, and I'm not the type to lean on my husband too much… but this, you really feel like you needed someone to protect you.

How long did the chanting last after you and your daughters barricaded yourself in the bedroom?
All night until daylight, which is about maybe six o'clock in the morning… it just seemed to dissipate. It was just abruptly over. Done. I didn't hear anything, which really made me realize… this is purely darkness. It's demonic, and they thrive in darkness.

How often were the disturbances you heard around the house? Did the frequency change over time?
It absolutely became more intense. It starts out very subtle. You're hearing low voices and mumbling. It stops. It starts. You question yourself – "Is the TV on? Who's calling me?" I thought the kids were calling me, or they think I'm calling them, vice versa. Then it just becomes more intense. You're all in the room together and you're hearing hummnummnummm (humming sound). So, then I know it wasn't you [making that sound] and it was not me. Then it was every night.

Could you describe the growl that you heard over the phone?
It was very deep … just very vicious and deep, almost like a bear. It's almost like it said to me, "I've got her."

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What was going through your head when you were setting up the cleansing? Did you think that it would work?
I was a basket case. I just didn't know because you're really hanging onto that hope that this will be the end of it, and you'll get rid of it and maybe try to go back to a normal life, whatever that might be. You didn't even know what was normal anymore because it had been going on for at least five years before I finally started to get the help that I needed. Once we found the right people, they didn't seem hopeful, but they were like, "…what can we do, just keep praying. There's no guarantee." And I really was just so downhearted… they were just as scared!

Down the line, you did a second blessing with Dawn Joly, correct?
Yes. And it seemed to be peaceful and quiet, but that only lasted maybe two months, if that.

As you've stated, the paranormal has continued in the house. How have you been handling that?
I started having that feeling… you just feel very uneasy. You don't feel comfortable in your own skin doing anything that you'd normally [do] – just sitting there washing dishes in the sink, you don't feel right. You don't feel alone. It works your mind. You can feel it. You feel very ill at ease, very jumpy, and I'm like, "Oh, you know, I remember this… just a minute here, something is not right." And before you know it, you start to hear voices. Things start moving. The fireplace tools would sway…so then, I'd call Dawn… every few months you got to do this cleansing with the salt and the sage and the holy water and all that. But that didn't seem to cut it either because then I was doing it myself. Like I said, its an acre of land - it's a huge piece of property … and when you saw it didn't last, it was like, " What, do I have to do this as part of my household chores that I check off every week?"

But I do pay the price physically. I've been very healthy, never had any problems, but I'll tell you… I have two cracked ribs right now. I went flying. This thing pushed me. A gust of wind came by and I went flying… I was just walking up the walkway and I felt this breeze … and all of a sudden, oh I'm telling you – face first.

Were you religious before this experience? Has the experience shaped your religious beliefs?
No, I wasn't really religious … I have my faith, I wasn't a practicing Catholic where I'd go every week. But afterwards, yes, it does change you… I randomly talk to God and believe me, it helps. Whether it's the psyche of it or not, it doesn't matter, and I do see a difference here. I do see a difference when I rely on that.

But, I have seen, like I said, the bad; I have also seen the good. I have seen black shadowy [figures]… where they are actually being held off, at bay. They are being held back. I have several pictures of that. I have pictures of when Dawn got done the first time, and I've put it in a frame. I mean, [angels] really look like that… I'm talking the face with long wings all the way down to the ground. Tremendous looking – standing in the garden in my backyard.

What recommendations would you give someone in a similar situation to what you've been experiencing?
Wake up. This is not a game, and it is truly Good vs. Evil, and until you turn to that light, and until you realize that it's got to come from you and not any paranormal group or investigation, you have to plea and appeal to the light of God.

Say your prayers - "please don't let any harm come to my family … protect my family, get rid of this". Until you walk in my shoes, because believe me, I would have been just as skeptic if I had listened to somebody … I would say, "Get outta here." But again, seeing is believing. 

But, my advice is, "Believe it." Believe half of what you hear and all of what you see, but believe it, and don't doubt anyone because it could be you.