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Life After Paranormals: Season 3, Episode 11

Tonya Kimball and her family ignored the paranormal activity in their home until one day Tonya was lifted off the ground and dragged across the room. Tonya recalls the events of "The Lynchville Secret."

By Bryan Enk

Tonya Kimball and her family ignored the paranormal activity in their home until one day Tonya was lifted off the ground and dragged across the room. Tonya recalls the events of "The Lynchville Secret."

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What made you choose this house?
I moved to Ponca [City, Oklahoma], and I was renting. I actually lived next door to this house. I really loved the house. The outside, I thought it was very pretty. It was just the kind of style I liked. But there were people there. And all of a sudden, there was a sign up that said "For Sale or Lease," so I decided to call about it, and I got it and moved to literally one house next door.

What was going through your head when the recording picked up Joseph's voice?
I was kind of sad. I was shocked. It was so many emotions. I knew there were things going on that I couldn't ignore anymore, so then when I got this one recording, it kind of verified what we thought was going on.  It also made me sad because I'm a mother, and I think, "Why is this child here? Was he looking for his mother?" But it was also reassuring that I wasn't losing my mind.

Having a child, I can't imagine if my child passed away and was not in heaven. I'm a religious person, so what would make a child still be here? So, those kinds of thoughts went through my head at the time.

Did it feel like something specific had burned you, like a hot poker? Or did whatever touched you leave a residual burning feeling or mark behind?
Have you ever burned yourself on the oven getting a pan out? It felt like that. My skin was hot and red, but it didn't leave any marks. It was probably about two and a half inches wide, but it was probably four to five inches long. It was red and hot to touch, but it went away.

Were any specific words coming across your computer screen when you heard the male voice recordings?
It wasn't like a message.  None of it made sense, but it literally kept doing it until my computer shut off.

There's four computers in this house, and all four of them broke. They all shut down within a two-day period. It started one night; it was my computer and then another computer that same night, and the very next day, the other two did it. Every time we talked about the paranormal, electronics would just start acting up.

Was your daughter or Sergio able to describe what the man she saw in her closet looked like? Did their descriptions match each other?
From my understanding, he was an older man. When they shared the description, it seemed to be the same person.

Can you describe the experience of being choked and attacked?
It was a little after ten o'clock. Between ten and ten-thirty. I was sitting on the couch, and Michayla, my youngest daughter, was still awake, so I was fighting with her to go to bed.

I started feeling like I couldn't breathe. It felt like something was squeezing my neck, and I couldn't breathe. I tried to clear my throat. I tried to figure out what was wrong. Michayla, my daughter, looked at me and said, "Mommy, are you okay?" I couldn't answer her. I tried to get a word out, but I couldn't get it out because I couldn't talk, and I couldn't breathe.

As quick as that happened, I'm moving across the floor. My feet are not on the floor. Something has me. The only way I can describe it is like, something has ahold of me, and it's pulling me into the kitchen. It's actually carrying me into the kitchen, because my feet… my heels never touched the ground. I was being dragged to the kitchen.  Michayla starts screaming.

I can't talk. I can't do anything. I tried to grab the counter, where the sink is. I tried to grab it to support myself, to pull myself up, and I only stop for a second and it caught me again. It continued to pull me, and it slammed my head into the window in the kitchen, and it held me there. I still couldn't breathe. I couldn't talk. I'm being choked. I see this strange thing outside. It's like a person - a rope around its neck… like, if you've seen somebody get hung, and his head fell over to the side. And then it disappeared, and then I fell to the floor. Whatever had me, let me go.

Was that hanging body the only apparition you've seen in the house, or have you seen other ones?
I've seen the boy. He woke me up. I've seen a woman once. Now my youngest daughter, she's seen several things. She's seen the boy. She's seen the woman twice. She saw another man that was not the one that Sergio and Hailey's seen. It walked through the wall and out the window of her room.

If I ever move again, [the] first thing that I'm going to find out is the history on everything surrounding the property, in the property, all the way back as far back as I can go. This area, what I didn't know until I started doing research, is haunted. I think paranormal teams could come here and be here forever and get activity.

You said the area is haunted. Does that mean that your neighbors have experienced things as well?
Yes, I didn't know that at the time. I was scared to tell anybody because I didn't want them to think I was crazy. Paranormal's like the hush-hush secret you don't talk about. That's how I grew up. So, I kept my mouth shut for a long time, and just quietly figured out how to deal with it without the neighbors knowing, and it got so out of hand that I finally asked. Oh my goodness, I opened up all sorts of secrets people told me went on in this area. It's very, very haunted.

Tonya decided to get professional paranormal help. She describes the experience here.
Initially, I had contacted a paranormal team to come out and investigate it, and they brought a preacher. He did a cleansing on the house after they investigated. I wasn't here for it. I took my kids and I went to a hotel. I didn't want to be involved.

They had wrote all over windows and doors – prayers, with a waxy-type pen. They put crosses above all the entryways, and used, I think, salt, and they said everything was fine. In actuality, after they left, that's when I was attacked.  So, they made it worse. And so, then I didn't know what to do.

That's the thing that I wish people would be aware of. They need to be careful who they call because there's a lot of paranormal teams out there that pretend to know what they're doing, and they don't. And we paid for that harshly.

I know the receptionist at a local church. She knew that I didn't seem to be myself, and she asked me what was wrong. I broke down, and I told her a little bit. She said, "Tonya, that's not unusual in this town, believe it or not. Let me let you talk to one of our priests."

I spoke with a priest, and he scheduled to come out, and he brought another lady with him. She wasn't a priest. She's somebody that works closely with the church. Now, they came out and they did a blessing on the house. While he's doing the Holy Water and praying in English, she's speaking in different languages and saying different prayers in different languages. They go through the whole house, and then we prayed together, and they talked to me about being strong in my faith. They believed there was something here.  They didn't question it at all which I was scared that they would.

The house was quiet for I'd say about two and a half weeks, and then little things started to happen.

I decided I wasn't going to let it get bad again, so I started trying to find help. But everyone just wanted to do an investigation or they wanted to be on TV. I couldn't find anyone who just wanted to help us. I didn't go back to the church. They just told me to pray harder. I felt like I'm praying as hard as I can. We had a Bible in every room. We had Holy Water, and we prayed constantly. I'm thinking, I need something else. I don't need an investigation. I don't need something stirred up. I gotta get rid of it, and nobody offered that – except one guy. I took a chance and I was scared half to death to call this man because I thought he was a fake like everybody else. But I needed help now. I needed to try something. We didn't have the money to move. 

I called him, and he told me what he was going to do, and actually, he didn't even have to come to the house. He did some stuff we had to set in the living room. He had us get a bunch of salt, and we had to light a candle, and then from his end he stayed on the phone with me. We had to put salt in all the doorways and the windows, and we had to say these prayers. He said if the activity does not stop that he'll come to the house and do something different that would take care of it. But it did stop.

Is there anything that you do on a regular basis to prevent any more activity?
 I pray, and I do it in a demanding way that they cannot harm us. I pray because I believe in God, but I pray differently than I did before. Before I prayed for forgiveness, and I prayed to give me strength to do better tomorrow. I prayed for my children. I didn't know how to pray about spirits in your house or something bad in your house, so the church helped me with that. The church helped me with different prayers to say, and how to be stern in my prayer. Not to be angry, but to be stern and to the point. Definitely, my faith has grown.